Miriam Matambanadzo’s Involvement In The Walter Masocha Trial

When I fled the cult in 2013 and went to my former bother Lloyd’s house, he sent me from his house to a women’s refuge, before announcing to me that he was about to have a wedding. It was then that everything started to unfold.

It was in the refuge that I started to write it all down, the abuse from the church because I realised that no one was willing to help me, not even my family.

During the next few months of writing my blog, the police began to support my online diary of events.

Chief Mutota would call me angry, asking me to stop blogging, but I continued.

Something in me told me that I was going to need all the support I could get. So once the court date was set for the trial, I decided to invite Miriam to come to the UK, because I did not have a single strong support network.

I decided to put all our differences aside and thought I needed my mother.

Miriam’s application for a visa was fast-tracked and she was granted a visa on the grounds that she was coming to support me during the Walter Masocha court case.

She came, and sadly it was just the beginning of her unleashing her wrath on me.

She refused to even mention Walter Masocha in a negative way or talk about the case or any abuse I had suffered.

She told me to drop the case over and over and said Walter Masocha was going to win. She said I was going to be cross-examined and ‘exposed’ in court.

During this time, I was also involved in a custody battle with my ex-husband who was trying to take my children from me.

Miriam would sing praises of my ex-husband, telling me that she felt ‘sorry’ for him.

She told me that my ex-husband was going to be given the children and I would eventually lose them.

She refused to offer me any support, and during the darkest moments of my life, she packed her bags, left my house and went to her son’s house in Southampton where they were celebrating Lloyd’s wedding’ when I was at the brink of despair.

I told myself that no, I can’t afford to commit suicide, who will look after my children. I knew if I go, my children would have NOBODY to have mercy on them.

So I hung on, though my nights were spent alone weeping tears of blood.

I would go to court alone, whilst my ex-husband was surrounded by his family and friends.

My own ex-husband would boast in court that Jean is a loner who is hated by her own mother.

I tried so hard to dispute my ex-husband’s claims that I was unloved because my mother and family being against me made my case difficult against my ex-husband in the custody battle.

I gave birth to Fadzi alone, I had no birth partner. Miriam had fled from my house after she accused me of having sex with her husband, my father whilst a child. The midwife who was looking after me branded Miriam a disgrace to motherhood because when she left me I had no one to look after my young children whilst I went to hospital to give birth.

The sex-abuse trial of Walter Masocha started…6 months after I had given birth to Fadzi-May.

I was completely alone, I had no one to take care of the children whilst I testified in Court.

I prayed to God to send me helpers, for I knew not how I was going to stand, alone.

I told the Courts that I had no one to help me with the children so I may not be able to testify. I was told by the Crown prosecution that my testimony was vital to the case, as they wanted to bring Walter Masocha to justice.

I then contacted Miriam, whom I had not seen for over 6 months. She was living with her son Lloyd in Southampton.

I told her I needed her for the trial, to look after the children whilst I testified.

She agreed and came to Scotland with me.

Whilst there, she would constantly mock me. She would try to break my spirit each morning before I testified. She would tell me how blessed her son was, compared to me.

One of my friends Irene Teare, whom Miriam loved and connected with came to the trial to also ‘support’ me.

Upon arriving at Scotland, Irene Teare stopped talking to me and started praying that Walter Masocha would be found innocent as God’s punishment to us the victims who chose not to forgive. She went into the witness waiting room with me and started telling witnesses to forgive Walter Masocha and ‘move on’, otherwise God would not be happy.

One of my other friends Thandy also called me just before I took to the witness stand, and told me to stop playing God and leave Walter Masocha alone. I cut the phone on her as I was about to go into court.

I asked Irene to leave,  I needed to focus on the trial. Her presence at the court was very distressing for me. She took the train and went back to Liverpool.

I was then left with Miriam, who would be so angry with me, telling me that God was going to punish me.

My daughter Nakai would overhear Miriam on the phone laughing at me with her son Lloyd.

The trail finished after about a week, and we left Scotland.

Miriam returned to Southampton.

I got a call a few days later from the crown prosecution that the Jury had found Walter Masocha guilty.

I called Miriam to tell her, and at hearing that Walter Masocha had been found guilty, she literally swore at me and told me to, FUCK OFF.

Her exact words were, ‘PFUTSEKE!’ She then cut the phone on me and I never spoke to her again for over a year.

It was the day that Walter Masocha was found guilty, Miriam could not contain her anger…she cussed at me…

To Be Continued…

The Genesis Of The Revelation.

By Mary-Tamar




2 thoughts on “Miriam Matambanadzo’s Involvement In The Walter Masocha Trial

  1. Heartbreaking 😢
    Everytime I read your blogs Jean, my eyes open to some things or people we take for granted.
    Brothers are usually protective and support their sisters even when they are wrong


  2. How can a mother support a sex offender? Even further, how can a mother support a man who has sexually abused her own daughter? How?

    The bible says that, “two cannot walk together unless they agree.“
    Also Proverbs 29:7 says The righteous considers the cause of the poor, But the wicked does not understand such knowledge.”

    I thank God for you for you have shown the world that God’s ways are righteous.

    You have proved to the world that the following scripture is true:
    “When the wicked are multiplied, transgression increases;
    But the righteous will see their fall.” Proverbs 29:16

    Thank you for blogging. In so doing you are breaking chains. In so doing you are opening prisons and the captives are coming out free!


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