Charlotte Marshall, My White Best Friend Who Influenced The Masocha Court Case

Her name was Charlotte Marshall. She knew everything about the Illuminati, secret society, witchcraft, curses and spells. She came from a very wealthy family, elite as she told me. She was raised among the cream of white British, attended boarding schools and rubbed shoulders with the famous, billionaires and millionaires.  She would tell me that the wealth of white people was stolen from black people. She told me she wanted to be my servant and serve me because she believed I was a black Queen.

She absolutely loved the royal family though, especially Kate and William and often told me that I reminded her of Kate.

She told me in secret that her parents were often invited to functions hosted by the British Royal Family, especially Prince Charles. She would be wearing jackets and watches worth over £10 000 at a time. That is what she told me.

She came into my life just before I gave birth to Fadzi when my former mother Miriam had abandoned me. I met her at GOCC Church, a Black Israelite Hebrew fast-growing church. In my despair and anguish, going through two very difficult court cases, one with my ex-husband and one with a self-styled prophet Walter Masocha, GOCC became a place of comfort for me.

Charlotte was also new to the church, and she experienced her fair share of racism in the GOCC church, being the only white woman in an all-black church. So Charlotte and I stuck together and we became best friends. We connected and could relate in so many ways. She had a daughter who was the same age as my Nakai.

She only dated black men, though she said her mother hated her dating black men. She had recently had a marriage proposal from a white millionaire whom she turned down saying he was Illuminati member and satanic. She said her parents who were atheists, had pleaded with her to marry the millionaire and thought their daughter was going mad by joining a black church.

At one point she told me that she was going to introduce me to the life of the elite. She was planning on buying a multi-million mansion with the rich millionaire. She started planning of getting back with the rich white guy. She told me that she would introduce me gradually to the lifestyle as it would be a shock to my system.

I met Boaz when she was my best friend. She told me it was the beginning of the greatest love story ever told. She offered my first meeting with Boaz will be in her beautiful country cottage.

She invited me to her house once, it was a white cottage, beautiful as an oil painting. The cottage belonged to her rich parents. It was quirky with a vintage feel to it. Everything was off-white, and I was not allowed to touch anything, I walked on tiptoes, and it didn’t help that Fadzi and Nakai were with me.

But the cottage had a big basement, which she refused me to enter or even look. Charlotte told me that she did her business of massage therapy in there. She said her clients were rich elite white people. She also said she babysat dogs for rich white people when they went on holidays.

So the time I visited her at one point her ‘clients’ came to her cottage and she told me and my girls to go upstairs as our presence as black people in her house could cost her her business.

I could not believe this was happening in modern Britain, a white woman asking me to hide with my black children upstairs as she entertained her white guests downstairs.

Everything that happened in her house so sounded like the Get Out Movie. She was jumpy and acting weird. What was in her basement that she wouldn’t let me see, I wondered? Who were her elite white clients I never met?

Anyway, Charlotte changed her mind about things almost every day. One day she would say she hates money and it’s from the devil, the next day she would be boasting about wearing real diamonds and luxury clothes.

One day she would tell me I did the right thing by fighting Walter Masocha, the next day she would say I had to stop fighting Masocha to get my ex-husband back.

My family members were also putting pressure on me to drop the case and my father Chief Mutota was saying my ex-husband is going to come back, so dropping the charges was the wisest thing to do.

My uncle Sekuru Patrick told me that by fighting Masocha, I was fighting the father of my children. So I had to drop the case.

Soon after I gave birth to Fadzi, Charlotte encouraged me to go back to Walter Masocha and get my ex-husband back.

So I took my pen and started writing the letter to Maocha

To be continued…

The Genesis Of The Revelation

By Mary-Tamar


2 thoughts on “Charlotte Marshall, My White Best Friend Who Influenced The Masocha Court Case

  1. I am not sure about Charlotte. Who is she, who is she, who is she? Nope, I don’t trust her.

    White cottage, a basement that cannot be entered or seen? This sounds ILL. Pun intended.


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