New Zimbabwe: The Beginning Of The Curses

The Gods Must Be Angry With The People Of Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is now currently experiencing curses never seen before in the land. Many are now crying out saying,  ‘Please bring back Robert Mugabe’.

The people of Zimbabwe, who strongly believe in curses, one particular curse they hold in high fear and esteem is called ‘kutanda botso’ where a mother gets angry at their own child and pronounces curses on them. This type of curse is connected to Zimbabwe’s religion of worshipping their gods through ancestral spirits. Even Zimbabweans who practise the modern religion of Christianity believe in this curse of Kutanda Botso.

However, in recent weeks, Zimbabwe has experienced its own Kutanda Botso where the motherland has now cursed the land.

I Mary-Tamar was Jean say the gods of the land must be really angry.


According to superstitious Zimbabweans, the curse of Kutanda Botso only happens when a mother, ‘who is sacred in Zimbabwe culture’, is insulted and disrespected by the child. The mother then unleashes her anger and curses on the child, causing the child to suffer, go hungry and go mad to the point where the child is forced to live in the streets, whilst the mother sits back and enjoys her own seed suffering. Apparently, the kutanda botso curse can only be reversed if the child, along with sangomas and traditional healers goes back to the mother and performs a sacrifical animal ritual called ‘kuripa’.

The culture of Kutanda Botso sounds so evil, barbaric and twisted but anyway, that is one of the main beliefs which holds Zimbabwean culture.

However, in a twisted turn of events in the country since the new Zimbabwe, everything that is now happening is showing all the signs of the curse of Kutanda Botso on the land.

There are food shortages, fuel shortages, pharmacies closing down, people shooting each other in the streets, armed police everywhere.

According to an article published by the Daily Mail UK yesterday, in one of the biggest supermarkets in Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe, cooking oil, rice and coca cola are out of stock, whilst a notice on the bread rack tells shoppers they can only buy one loaf of bread each.  Phamacies and chemists have started to close down putting people with life threatening conditions like diabetes at risk.

Daily Mail UK reports that a currency crunch and a new tax on electronic transactions has spawed fears that Zimbabwe’s wrecked economy is about to endure a fresh bout of chaos.

The people of this land must have done something so terrible for the motherland to spit on them and let them suffer like this.  I will let the pictures do the talking, the curses of the land have begun.

I did warn Zimbabwe when they celebrated the fall of Robert Mugabe that darker days were about to begin, but my warnings fell on deaf ears.




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