Miriam Matambanadzo, You Have Now Been Exposed.

When I was a 17-year-old timid little girl in Zimbabwe. Chief Mutota bought me a flight ticket to come to the UK to study nursing. This became the greatest shock in the house to two people, Miriam and her daughter Kundai. I couldn’t believe what I witnessed. Kundai and Miriam started crying tears of blood in front of me and I couldn’t understand why at that time. I wondered, is it because they wouldn’t get anyone to torment again? Where they crying because they were losing their personal slave?

Well, now I know. Miriam Matambanadzo has been using her sorcery to plant people in my life to distract me from knowing the truth about her and knowing who I am. She orchestrated and brought me a man I called my husband Shingi. This man came to me when I was desperately calling Zimbabwe for money as I had lost all my money. He told me he loved me. Having not experienced affection before, I fell for his words. Miriam knew by planting my ex-husband, she can still continue to use her charm on me. My ex-husband family are full of witches and no wonder they also wanted my blood. They had to continue from where Miriam left from. My ex-husband and his family tormented me and even called the ambulance on me so that I will be sectioned and I lose my children. But Miriam Matambanadzo’s wickedness did not overthrow me.

My ex-husband was their dog. His sisters controlled him, Miriam controlled him and almost everyone used him to achieve their goals. At that time I felt I was cursed and no one loved me. Being hated from home, coming to the UK and finding someone who proposes love to me but still abusing me wasn’t normal for me. I had no friend and life was unbearable until I had my daughter Nakai who brought me so much joy.

I thought after having their granddaughter, I was going to be loved and accepted but because they were receiving orders from Miriam, they continued to seek my blood. I was living with Dracula and vampires.

Miriam used her spells and arrange for me to live with another witch called Jane. A woman who pretended to be abused so I would have sympathy on her. When I moved the woman called Jane in my house, my little daughter would wake up in the night and start screaming that her dolls were hunting her. This started happening when I brought the lady Jane in my house. She was very close to my ex-husband to the point that sometimes I would come home and the front door would be locked and both of them would be inside. They would be acting weird. But I being naive and too loving, I didn’t get all the signs. She came in to do what Miriam had assigned her to do.

In 2011, my children and I were sent to Zimbabwe by my Ex husband where I almost lost my life. The memories of that trip are something I will never forget. My bus was hijacked by robbers and that was the time Miriam activated her charms again. I was ill-treated by Miriam and her daughter Kundai. My brother Kudzai threatened to beat me up and pluck out my eyes. I always sat beside the well to cry for help.

On my return back to the UK, my ex-husband took me to Agape to meet Miriam’s other agent Masocha. I met friends who were all on a mission of either trying to sleep with me to further the plans of Miriam. I was lucky I never slept with those women. In that church, Masocha abused me. When I reported to the police, Miriam intensified her charms on me so that Masocha would not go to jail. If Masocha had gone to jail that time, Miriam’s plans would have been exposed and I would have known my real identity back then.

Miriam and Masocha were a team working together. Miriam and my ex-husband were a team working together.


Miriam Matambanadzo as she looks today


When Masocha was pronounced guilty by the jury, Miriam Matambanadzo cried…

To be continued…

The Genesis of the Revelation

By Mary-Tamar


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