How To Be A Good Wife To Your Husband/Boaz

Okay so I have been writing a lot of heavy stuff lately, like really deep stuff about my past and my new identity. It’s actually a very exciting journey for me. So many chains are being broken, not just for me, but for millions of girls back in Africa. But let me take a little break with just this article, and talk about LOVE and Marriage.

We live in a world where feminism is now the norm. A lot of women are now independent women who claim they do not need men.

Oh well, some of us are rather dependent women, we need Boaz to help us fulfil our destiny. So here is my free advice for those women who intend to keep their husbands. There are 8 rules I stand by on how to be a good wife to Boaz, and I’m happy to share them with you, my readers.

Submit To Boaz, He Is Your Lord And King


Submission to husbands doesn’t sit well with the modern western world. Women fear that submitting to their men will leave them in bondage. But submitting doesn’t mean you become his slave or your human rights are taken away. Submitting means listening to your Boaz, taking his counsel and advice, and letting him lead you and the family.

It doesn’t mean you have no voice in the relationship, for he also needs your advice and encouragement. But when it comes to decision making on matters that affect you or the family, Boaz has to have the final say.

Be A Homekeeper

It’s your job as a wife to make the home a comfortable place for the family. Roles have however changed in the modern world. Men are now becoming stay at home Dads whilst their wives are the ones going to work. If this is the set up in your home, the key thing is not to take advantage of your man. During your days off at work, it would be good to help your Boaz and not let him carry all the burden of housekeeping. Sadly in most cases of stay at home husbands, most of them end up embarking on extramarital affairs with women who will make them feel like boses.

Cook For Boaz

This is one of your duties in the home, a very important one. They say one of the ways to a man’s heart is through food.

Cook for him when he is hungry. Serve him in your best glasses and plates.  I am blessed that my Boaz is a gifted Chef, he cooks the most delicious African stews and food, so because of that he does the most cooking in our house. The children love his food too and he is a far better cook than me. I’m good at roast dinners, burgers, and most English dishes, so now and again I will treat him to a lovely English meal or a good old burger.


Boaz is a better chef than me


Boaz cooks me the perfect African dishes

Be A Natural Woman

This is a very sensitive issue with black women. Most of us refuse the call to be natural when most black men prefer their black women to be natural. The way women wear make-up today is getting out of hand. Make-up is no longer an enhancement of beauty, but a complete change of the real you. Women, especially black women, are now literally walking around looking like clowns in masks of make-up. For Boaz, it’s important to tone things down a bit.

I tried to set up one of my friends on a date, but the guy rejected her because she wore way too much make-up and it was a put off for him.

Be a natural woman

Boaz has always encouraged me to be natural, and I am glad I have finally reached that place of accepting my God-given natural beauty.

Never Use Sex As A Weapon, Do Not Deny Your Boaz Sex

Your body is technically not yours, but your Boaz’s and the other way round according to the bible. Do not deny Boaz or use sex a weapon to punish him. A lot of men are now resorting to sex dolls because women use sex as a weapon to punish men. Lack of healthy intimacy is normally the root cause of many breakdowns in relationships.

Never Speak Bad About Boaz To Your Friends

This is one of the greatest sins of marriage, bad-mouthing your own husband to your friends. The moment you do that, you are putting your own relationship at risk of being devoured by the ‘friends’ who will get to know of your weaknesses and that of your husband through you. Never give your friends a  chance to be close enough to your man by knowing his weaknesses.

Try to solve your own marital problems in your own bedroom, without involving third parties. If you are to seek professional help, it is better to go to a trained marriage counsellor than church pastors, some of them are there to destroy marriages not build up.

Keep Your Body Fresh And Clean

A lot of women do not discuss this enough or learn about it, but its one of the most important aspects of marriage. Many women are single today because of poor personal hygiene. The female body secrets all sorts of unclean fluids, from menstrual blood to discharges. The female body can only flourish in a healthy way with constant showers and freshening up.


Remove unpleasant body hairs, use deodorants regularly. Always smell fresh and beautiful for your Boaz. When he thinks of your body he should think of nothing but sweet smelling aromas.

Never ever lie with your man without taking a shower first or freshening up. It’s just decency for your own body and self-respect, never mind Boaz.

Admit When You Are Wrong And Say You Are Sorry

Sometimes women find it very hard to admit that they are wrong. We may be the weaker vessels and vulnerable, but we are far from perfect. It doesn’t hurt to admit when you are wrong. Be Humble always, and let your beauty shine from within.

I hope my 8 rules of keeping Boaz happy helped someone out there.



One thought on “How To Be A Good Wife To Your Husband/Boaz

  1. I’m writing this before I’ve read the whole article: I am totally for submitting to my future husband (I’m nineteen). I’ve seen Christian relationships (and beautiful non-Christian relationships) where when the man and woman are working within their spheres and the man is responsible and competent and a great leader, the relationship looks so wholesome and so majestic.

    When I gaze at a family with the husband as the head and the wife filling in the gaps and painting the familial picture, I get so warm inside because such a family looks whole and pure. It will be hard for women to warm up to the idea of submitting to their husband, but it’s the God-given operation for marriage, I deduce.

    Now I’m gonna read. Haha.


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