The Origin Of The Shona God, MWARI MUSIKAVANHU

Dear World

Things are getting rather heated up in the Animal Kingdom. Zimbabweans are writing to me and are angry that I am not representing the Kingdom correctly. Nevertheless, I have to pick up from where I left yesterday. Yesterday I said I was going to talk about the animal totems next, but I have to pause that for a little, and talk about the birth of the Zimbabwean religion, how their god came to be.

I’m going to have to skip a lot of stuff and just get to the chase because this is really important. Ya’ll have to understand that the Kingdom of Zimbabwe does have a sacred god.

Let’s go back to the Kingdom of Geshur for a little bit.

King David’s political alliance with Geshur through the royal marriage meant that he had religious influence over the Geshurans. The Kingdom was already worshipping gods/idols/their artwork.

Now through King David, via his royal wife Macaah, the Geshurans got to know that there is a God of Hebrews, the Creator.  They got to know that the God of Hebrew communicated through his people through prophets and recently in Isreal, Kings. King David was a singer and poet who heard from God and passed the messages to the people of Isreal through songs, psalms and poems. The Geshurans also got to understand that the God of Hebrews required animal sacrifices as a token for the people’s sins.

The Geshurans envied the God of King David. And they decided to re-create their own version.

The Geshurans decided to have a name for their imitation of the God of Isreal, they called him MWARI, MUSIKAVANHU, NYADENGA, TENZI, ISHE. Thus the Zimbabwean God or Shona God.  This is the true religion of Zimbabwe.

The Shona God is not the same God as the God of the bible. The Shona God, MWARI was an imitation of the Hebrew God by Shona people.

To prove to you that MWARI and the God of the Hebrews are two different deities, when the Edomites/ White people brought the bible to colonise Zimbabwe and started to introduce Christianity to the people, telling them to put away their evil gods and traditions, the Shona Queens, Kings and Chiefs cried bitterly, rejecting the Christian God saying He wasn’t the same as their god MWARI/NYADENGA/MUSIKAVANHU. But, that’s another chapter for another day.

Personally, boy, I’m just glad that I am no longer Jean Gasho but Tamar…


Anyway back to the Shona god. MWARI was then accessed through Shona chiefs or Kings. The people of Geshur believed that the only way to MWARI was through their Kings just like people heard from the God of Isreal through King David or Prophet Nathan.

To cut the long story short, Shona religion was birthed as a direct imitation of the Hebrew God.

One of the first of the Shona KINGS who acted as a mediator between them and MWARI was King/Chief Monomotapa/Mwenemutapa.

King Monomotapa, who was the grandson of Queen Of Sheba, was an intercessor between MWARI and the people of Shona. If people wanted to hear from MWARI they went to their King or prophet, just like the Israelites did.

The Shona’s began to worship their god too, as in music worship and dance. Isreal had a harp, played by King David. Shonas then created MBIRA and HOSHO musical instruments to worship MWARI, TENZI, MUSIKAVANHU, NYADENGA through spirit mediums.

So where does ancestral worship, (VADZIMU) and animal totem worship(MUTUPO) in Zimbabwe come into all this? How is all this tied to their god MWARI? You may ask…

Well, it is to be continued…

The Genesis Of The Revelation

by Mary-Tamar




9 thoughts on “The Origin Of The Shona God, MWARI MUSIKAVANHU

  1. This topic has been shrouded for centuries and it is exciting now that someone is bringing light to it. I always had questions when stories were told that people would go under a tree to beg for food and lo and behold they would receive food. Oh! I have just realised something, This might sound sarcastic but I am being honest. Don’t take it wrong for it just came to me just now. Jesus was hung on a tree! Therefore it could be true that actually, people received food when they went under a tree to beg for food.

    I agree with you 100% on Totems. I like the fact that you call it the Animal Kingdom.

    I sincerely believe that the Queen of Sheba; when she went to see King Solomon, brought back the knowledge of God. The bible tells us that there is nothing that Solomon did not tell her. Which means that Solomon told her about God and when she returned to Zimbabwe, she came back knowing God, the true God.
    Could it be that MWARI to them meant God? I wonder.

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  2. That article is ill informed. Its all worthy dustbin of heresy. Whatever and whoever your source is must be smoking dangerous weed.


      1. You can’t have your cake and eat it. If you think my “head” is messed up. I also have the right to think “yours” is rather the one that’s messed up. I also have the right to call you a “pagan”. In this case, only one of us is right.


  3. I think it’s critical to cite sources of your information for the sake of credibility. Who said Queen of Sheba was from Zimbabwe when she’s claimed by Ethiopians and Yemenis? As for Shona culture, clearly we have strong similarities to ancient Jewish Culture… all travelers in the 15th to 18th century all remarked in literature on our Jewish-like customs. I’ve also heard that The Shona name of God… Mwari has Jewish origins, because a linguist traced the Geographical path of the name from Zim to the North East and it starts off in Zim as Mwari > Mwali > Kilimwali > Quelimane > Suleimani > Solomoni > God of Solomon. Sena in Mozambique is linked to Sena (now Sa’na) in Yemen. Also, Ophir the place where Solomon got his gold was reported to likely be Zimbabwe. Varemba have Jewish DNA… in fact several people with the name Zhou (Jew) have Cohen dna of the Levites or Jewish priests. So it’s all interesting and I would like to know where you got the info for further reasearch.


    1. I don’t quote sources because history is distorted, I get my information from my own revelations. The Queen of Sheba is claimed by Ethiopians, Indians also claim her, white people also claim her, just like Christ is claimed by Europeans (blue eyes blonde hair) when he clearly wasn’t like that. Aren’t the original Egyptians claimed by Europeans too, they portray them as white in their movies when they were clearly dark skinned. Where do they get their sources from? Sources of information are overrated…

      Yes there is a tribe of the Levites in Zimbabwe, DNA proved it on top of their own testimony. However it’s a small group of people, as there are Israelites scattered all over Africa, they fled there when the temple was destroyed and the ark of the Covenant was stolen. The rest of the people in Zimbabwe are pagans. Shona culture is rooted in everything despised by the God of Israel, my father is an expert in Shona culture and he has a svikiro/spirit on him, if you parallel it to the Israelite God it’s downright labled as Satanism if we want to be honest. There is nothing really Jewish about the Zimbabwean culture or God.


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