The Sacred Truth About Zimbabwe And Why I Am No Longer Jean Gasho

Dear World

Allow me, to re-introduce to you the Kingdom I was raised in, and why today I am no longer GASHO. Jean Gasho.

The History Of The Zimbabwe Kingdom

I can’t go much into it right now, because its a long story. But not that long really. In a nutshell, the Kingdom of Zimbabwe started way back in a small land, a tiny independent Kingdom called GESHUR but today translated Gashu or Gasho. It was a little royal kingdom. That Kingdom’s culture consisted of worshipping cows and animal sacrifices and eating a lot of meat. This Kingdom was the Animal Kingdom, they believed in spirit animals (totems). They also worshipped nature and adopted some Egyptians cultures too, but animal spirits were really their thing.

The Kingdom was all about Royalty so much that other Kingdoms copied their royal culture and lifestyle. It was so small but influential and powerful. The Kingdom was known to have very beautiful women, whom they used to sacrifice as Queens to cows/bulls which they then worshipped. The kingdom had both nobility and barbarism.

For a reason, this Kingdom decided to migrate to Africa in search of the promised land, they went to South Sudan, where the pyramids were built. Then from there, this tiny Kingdom went down to Ethiopia. Then the Kingdom finally settled in an exotic little place in Southern Africa called Ophir. This land of Ophir was rather sacred, it had caves and underwater with precious stones, minerals and pearls. It also had a lot of GOLD.

So the Kingdom of Geshur settled in Ophir, being ruled by their new Queen called Sheba. She was a very beautiful woman to behold, but she was also an animal spirit, her totem was Elephant. They called her Gadziguru.

With her people, they build the Great Zimbabwe. It was inspired by the sacredness of the land of Ophir. So it was as though a snake/dragon built the Great Zimbabwe hence the designs of the Snake are all over the walls of Great Zimbabwe. Great Zimbabwe has the shapes of a snake and an eye.

The Great Zimbabwe Ruins 

The original founder of Great Zimbabwe was Queen of Sheba. Her spirit still reigns today in the land. The women are always leading, they are more powerful than men. Even if a man has to lead in decision making, he has to consult the woman.

The aminal totems have fought for the throne of the Kingdom of Zimbabwe, there has always been confusion in the land. The people of the land do not know who they are and sometimes they actually don’t want to know. The people have become so peculiar.

They love their animals’ spirits. They love worshipping animals. They love chewing animals. They worship nature too. They tattoo themselves with their totems/gods. They carry their totems everywhere, in their clothes and on their beds. That is how they survive. It is their breath of Life.

Zimbabwe is also known for the art of sculpturing. Their ancestral spirits dwell in the sculptures. If you arrive in the land, the first thing you see is sculptures beside every street corner. They call it culture, they call it art. I said they call it culture, but its worship.

th (3)
Zimbabwe culture 

Anyway, today there remains the direct descendants of the Queen Of Sheba, the rightful owners of Great Zimbabwe, the descendants of Chief Mutota. A man in the town of Witchcraft, called Karoi  (little witch) located in the tiny town in Mashonaland West remains the rightful King of Great Zimbabwe. His name is Geshur, grandson of Chirimudomba, son of Changara. Changara was the son of Nyatsimba Mutota, whose father is Mwenemutapa, the grandson of Queen of Sheba. As it stands now, the country is mocking this grandson of their ancestors, and they don’t want him on the throne,  but the spirits of the land are angry.

Even his own sons, who are not his sons, are trying to kill him as I write this. They have tried killing him for over 15 years. They go to every Sangoma in the land for their father’s blood.

He lives in Karoi, and calls himself after his great-great grandfather, Chief Mutota. Somehow they wanted me to have the crown of Sheba.

But I am not his child, biologically, though I was raised as though I was his. Its a crown I never wanted, a crown I never wanted to be put on my head. Because I have never belonged there.

That is the sacred history of Great Zimbabwe the animal Kingdom and why I am no longer Jean Gasho.

My name is Mary. Mary-Tamar.

to be continued…

(The genesis of the revelation)


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