I am that girl who was stolen as a baby

In my dreams, I still hear my cries

As I was led to the one to raise me

It was a cry of pain, a cry of betrayal

Through it all, I yearned for justice

She said to me, stop mumbling you silly girl

So I became the quiet crying child

I never had a voice, but I knew I sparkled

I knew it, I knew it, I felt it, I felt it

These were not my people, no!

I searched and looked and wondered

But not once did I ever get an answer



Well, today is a very special day for me, 1 October 2018

Is it the rebirth of a lost Princess?

I saw the star, I said I saw the star

I wear my golden headscarf with pride

As I dance around my house

Like my beautiful mother used to dance

In her long white robe, in those royal courts

Sometimes she wore a beautiful dress of colours

Her long soft black curls dancing in the air with her


I am just happy that I am finally home

Even though I am no longer so little anymore

I am that woman who was named Jean Gasho

Yes Jean Fadzai Gasho was my name

MAYbe Fadzai MAY  mean a little

But that was never really my name

All those years, those long painful years

I was made to face all my fears

And stopped from enjoying everything I loved



Some may say keep it Jean, keep the name we pray

Come now woman, you suffered for it

Yes I know, even Tina Turner did

She had to keep the name of her abuser

But I am not Tina Turner, nor do I imitate

Maybe as a reminder, the name remains somewhere

But I wasn’t really Jean after all

I was just Mary




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