An Apology Is Not Enough For Sexual Harassment Ariana, Please Press Charges

Dear Ariana Grande

The evidence is overwhelming. The whole world was watching. Your breast was groped in front of the entire world. You looked uncomfortable. He also went as far as to insult your beautiful name whilst groping you. He violated you. He was so disrespectful to you. It’s not okay.

Let me tell you something about Bishops Ariana, well most Bishops, especially those highly esteemed by their church members, those who have prestigious yet ridiculous titles they haven’t earned like Archbishops, Apostles, Prophets, Most Reverend etc. For some reason, they always feel like they are above the law especially when it comes to women’s bodies. And the biggest culprits are the black self-proclaimed prophets. I know that to be true because I used to be a member of a black church.

I’m not surprised that during the late Aretha Franklin’s ceremony, Bishop Charles H Ellis III felt at ease and comfortable touching your body in places his hands should never go. The fact that he was at ease touching you in such an inappropriate way whilst the world was watching makes me wonder what he does to his female church members when no eyes are watching.

And his apology is just pathetic really…

“It would never be my intention to touch any woman’s breast,” he told the Associated Press.

“Maybe I crossed the border, maybe I was too friendly or familiar.”

He added: “But again, I apologise.”

The Bishop said he hugged all artists, male or female, during the ceremony commemorating the Queen of Soul. Well, Ariana, what he did to you was not hugging, he groped you.

Don’t be a victim of your beauty, his hands should have not gone there. It was a violation of your body. You are a superstar and you are beautiful, you can not be a victim of who you are.


If a random guy had touched you like that, like his hand right on the breasts like that, surely it would have been an obvious case of sexual harassment. But just because it’s a clergyman who did it, somehow that makes it not as bad. He didn’t mean it. People are overreacting. Like really. I am so angry. Watching the clip is very disturbing.

I believe the biggest sexual predators on this earth are clergymen. They get away with sexual abuse because somehow the cloth or their so-called ‘god’ has got them covered. The Catholic priests get away with it. The black self-proclaimed Bishops get away with it.

I’m glad the public has reacted in uproar at the way the Bishop groped you. It’s comforting that you have the world sympathising with you, most women, girls and boys who have experienced clergy sexual abuse have not been so been so blessed because the church members will not even believe them. If they dare say something, they are warned to ‘touch not’ the anointed of God. They are threatened that God is going to strike them dead or curse them. If the evidence of sexual abuse is too strong, the victims are told by the church to do the right thing and ‘forgive’ and leave the rest to God.

So my dear Ariana, I’m sorry it happened to you on such a public platform, worse more on the great Aretha Franklin’s funeral. You went there to celebrate and pay your respect to one of the world’s greatest female musicians, and you ended up being sexually harassed. I’m sorry that you had to put up a smile while you were being groped. That’s just awful. I’m sorry that it was the most respected man at the ceremony who did it. And I understand why you may feel like you just have to accept his ‘apology’ and let it go.


But please Ariana, as unpleasant as the whole experience was, please do press charges, you won’t be doing it just for yourself, but for millions of women, girls and boys who are sexually abused by pastors every day and have to live with the shame and guilt every day. They are in situations where they can’t win, if they keep silent they suffer inside, if they speak, they are castigated for it.

At least you have the entire world as your witnesses. We saw him squeeze your breast.

It’s never okay to grope a woman, and no an apology alone is not enough. Bishop Charles H Ellis has to pay for the crime he committed.

Yours who has been there

Jean Gasho








6 thoughts on “An Apology Is Not Enough For Sexual Harassment Ariana, Please Press Charges

  1. I want to throw up while watching that video..He wasn’t touching it, he was intentionally squeezing it like a stress ball
    And YES, HE DESERVE TO BE PUNISHED! ARIANA SHOULD FILE A LAW SUIT. IF SHE WON’T WHAT KIND OF A MESSAGE IS SHE TELLING HER FANS, SPECIALLY THAT TEENAGERS WHO LOOKS UP TO HER. WE HAVE TO BE BRAVE AND FIGHT THOSE SPIRIT LIKE THIS BISHOP. SHAME ON HIM. Ariana might not be his first. If he has the nerve to do that for the world to see, what elser an he do if there’s no camera that’s focused on him?

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