Dear Jean, I Am Not Your Hater, You Inspire Me

I received this lovely message from May, the lady I wrote about yesterday. She is the lady who recognised me and I said hi to her, she then started laughing.

It was beautiful to know she wasn’t laughing at me, as she clearly had no reason to. She was laughing at the guy whom she was standing with who was accusing her of not knowing who I was or something like that. Anyway this is what she wrote to me, and I found her response absolutely heart warming. Boaz loved it too. Instead of deleting my original post, I chose to keep it because there are so many lessons I drew from the incident, and from May as a person.

Dear Jean

Oh l am very sorry Jean. I just read your post on your wall and l thought its me you are talking about.

Honestly l was excited to see you in person but because you kept on walking l did not even have a chance to introduce myself to you. The man standing next to me was asking who you. He then said maybe it was mistaken identity and l was laughing at him to think that l can just greet people l don’t know in the streets.

I am sorry if you felt that l was laughing at you. Still l am glad to have met you hence writing the above message. You really do inspire me.

After reading her beautiful response, I couldn’t help but say this…I always like to keep things real.

Dear May

Thank you so much for your response, I was very encouraged by your calmness and honesty. I felt belittled and shocked because when I said hi, I didn’t get a response but some sort of awkward laughter. So it was clearly a big misunderstanding, and I’m so encouraged that your intention was not to hurt or mock me.

I’m glad I came home and wrote the article, because I do value my fans and audience very much. They have made my journey meaningful. For me to be a writer I need an audience to read what I write. I wrote because that’s what I felt at that time, and after writing I felt a lot better. If I had not written the article, I would still be thinking I met a woman who just laughed at me for no reason, which is not very nice.

Your response has taught me a number of things.

  1. We should not be quick to judge situations and circumstances.
  2. There is always another side of the story
  3. A gentle response calms anger
  4. Do not take everything to heart
  5. People express their hurt in different ways, allow them, if they are hurting. Their expression is their healing.
  6. If someone says you have hurt them, no matter how small and silly it sounds, don’t undermine and dismiss their hurt, just because you didn’t mean to upset them, it doesn’t mean you have not upset them, many people are not here today simply because someone undermined their pain.
  7. Reach out to the person you have hurt, if you didn’t mean it simply tell them, you lose nothing, and make them feel better.

On that note, I apologise for my clap-back and some of the things I said in retaliation. You are far from a Jezebel, in fact I would go as far as to say you are an angel.

You are without a doubt the best fan I have ever met, you taught me a lesson or two, and that to me is just priceless.

For a minute I thought you were crazy, but you are not mad, you are just a woman. 

I bless you, and pray that God will grant you the deepest desires of your heart. If you reading this, do send me your home address, and I will send you a signed copy of my book, He Was My Daddy’ coming out soon. You will be the first to get a copy.

Kindest regards


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