As Jared Leto Becomes Gucci Jesus, I Fear Black People Will Start Worshipping Him

Jared Leto recently modelled a gucci patchwork printed silk long sleeve dress, and he was immediately dubbed Gucci JESUS. If Jared Leto was to go to any African country dressed like that today, he would have a mass of black people following him and bowing down to him mistaking him for their god.


In 2015, a white Italian tourist named Antonio Borettti wore a long robe and walked in the streets of Lusaka when he was mobbed by black people who thought it was their ‘Jesus’ they worship every sunday in church. The local people went as far as showering him with gifts because they had seen ‘god.’

An Italian tourist was worshipped as God in Zambia


If that’s not bad enough, last year a disturbing hideous statue of Jesus was unveiled in Lagos Nigeria. Black people flocked to the statue to worship it.


I think black people chose to be cursed. The level of stupidity and madness is just mind blowing. Surely this dumbness is spiritual. It’s just not normal. Today millions of black people will be in church worshipping their white ‘jesus’.

If you try to tell black people that Christ is not white,  they start throwing the ‘colour don’t matter anyway,’ statement. They have never had a problem with Jesus being white, but they will get very upset and angry if you dare tell them that Christ looks exactly like them. A few years ago, I did a stretch of what I believe my Messiah looks like and boy, black people did find it rather offensive.

My own version of my Messiah

No wonder why Africa is cursed, it is their choice to worship white supremacy.  The white man is their god. I grew up seeing pictures of a white Jesus almost in every Zimbabwean house I went. If you ask them why they have this picture in their living rooms they will tell you it’s Jesus Christ.

The God of most black people

I will leave you with this shocking video of a white priest beating up a black man in Uganda for not ‘believing in Jesus Christ. The black man being beaten is such a coward. He’s so weak he can’t even fight back. It’s beyond sad. I think a level of consciousness and awakening is required for every black person to know who they really are, otherwise the sunken place is so real for the majority of us.

Anyway happy Sunday my readers, if you are going to worship God, at least worship the right one, or you might as well worship Jared Leto.



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