So Today I Met One Of My Online Haters

I always meet people who recognise me now and again, and I am always encouraged. Once I met one woman who told me that she was so happy to finally see me in person, after reading my inspirational articles. She almost wanted to cry. Everyone I meet always tells me how happy they are to see me, and that they follow my writing. They are always kind and polite. Everyone is always a fan,  I had never met a hater, well until today.

I was coming from getting my nails done, I had just walked out of the nail bar so I was busy on my phone catching up on my messages, then I hear…

‘Oh My God, it’s Jean.’

I look up, and I see a light skinned black woman standing next to a man. She was starring at me, looking amused.

‘It’s Jean!’ She said again.

So I smiled at her, and said, ‘Oh Hi.’ Confirming to her that it was indeed me, Jean.

Her response was rather strange. She just went into a fit of laughter.

‘Ha ha ha, its her! Oh God, its her!’

I felt a bit confused, I thought maybe, surely she will say hello back to me. Surely she won’t be this rude. But to my shock, she continued laughing so hard, and looked away. It got to a point where she refused to look me in the eye. It must have been the fire in my eyes, I think it blinded her.

Her spirit of hate was so strong, her laughter sounded like something from a horror movie. It was just, ‘Ha ha ha ha ha.’

I just shook my head and walked away, in utter shock that someone can actually be that hateful to another woman. I am not very good at verbal clap-backs. If someone says something mean to me, I don’t react immediately, I normally just freeze trying to process it all. Maybe that’s why I was abused almost all my life. But also that’s probably why I became a writer. My pen is my biggest clap-back.

So I just walked away from this strange woman. She was carrying so much negative energy I felt like I had met the real life Jezebel.

But I quickly realised that I had just met one of my online haters. And I smiled so wide as I walked away, leaving her laughing. I had never walked so taller. I felt so encouraged rather. When you meet one of your haters who is rather excited to finally meet you, but because of the darkness of her heart, shes reduced to just being a scoffer, yes for me, its rather satisfying.

My daughter Nakai who is the queen of clap-backs, said to me when I got home and told her, ‘mum, I wish I was there, I would have said to her, “Look at you, what are you even laughing at.”

I said to my daughter, ‘I don’t do verbal clap-backs darling, I just write. And nothing gives me more satisfaction than writing about my haters. They always give me content.’

Yesterday I wanted to update my blog but I kinda went blank, but today I got something to write about, I met one of my haters, and for some reason, it made me smile. I am not a very big T D Jakes fan, but recently someone sent me a message where he was preaching that sometimes you just have to take a selfie back to your haters, nothing hurts them more than seeing you glow with blessings and self love.

Anyway in other important news, happy 3 months to my baby Chaka, isn’t he the cutest? I just love breastfeeding, it makes me feel like mother earth. Am I not the most blessed of them all?




5 thoughts on “So Today I Met One Of My Online Haters

  1. Thank you Jean, I am just happy that you now recognise you have a lot of fans out there, including myself. Your earlier articles always gave the impression that you always viewed everyone, especially Zimbabweans, as a hater hence the reason for you getting married to a Ghanaian. I am glad you now realise that is not the case as your first paragraph indicates. Good day

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    1. Very kind words thank you Chamu. However when I say Zimbabwean haters I’m referring to the majority, evidence has always been there widely on social media. But I admit I have a good number of lovely fans from Zimbabwe.


  2. Ohhh l am very sorry Jean. I just read your post on your wall and l thought its me you are talking about.
    Honestly l was excited to see you in person but because you kept on walking l did not even have a chance to introduce myself to you. The man standing next to me was asking who you. He then said maybe it was mistaken identity and l was laughing at him to think that l can just greet pple l dont know in the streets.
    I am sorry if you felt that l was laughing at you. Still l am glad to have met you hence writing the above messege. You really do inspire me.

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