Micheal B. Jordan, The Black Woman Should Be Your Queen

Dear Micheal B. Jordan

After you were pictured on holiday with a latina woman who is rumoured to be your girlfriend, fans on twitter went into overdrive debating your interracial alleged relationship. A lot of women did accuse you of not liking black women.

You then took to Instagram Live saying black women were making you tear up because they were bashing you saying you do not date black women.  After that  you went on to say there were not a lot of black women in Italy anyway, where you were on vacation.


Like really Micheal B. Jordan, you really want to go down that route. You now want to say there are not enough black women in this world for you to pick just one. How ridiculous, if you are going to make an excuse, find another one that at least holds a bit of water.

On your Instagram Live response, you also went on to say you like all women anyway.

“I love chocolate milk. And I like almond milk, strawberry milk. You know the cinnamon toast crunch? The milk after that, I like that, too. That’s pretty good. I like milk period. Y’all just doin’ a lot. Y’all gotta chill.”

“Y’all gotta start putting more positivity out there. As a Black man, you gotta do what you gotta do in the sense of you gotta enrich your community and what not. But you gotta stop putting out all this negative shit… why tear us down? For what?”

Well listen, dude, if a man like you is seen in public with a white woman, black women will get upset and rip into you, and I believe they are justified too.

I never knew about you until I watched you in Black Panther. Most people didn’t know you until you became Killmonger. So you need to put your fame into perspective, what do you represent out there? A black King. You were my favourite Black Blather character because I didn’t see Killmonger as a villain, but the epitome of black power and how misunderstood we are as a race, especially the black woman.

You see Micheal B Jordan, you are rich and famous, thanks to Black Panther. You get to play the most misunderstood part in a black empowerment movie, and make your millions from it. But for some of us who are not so rich and famous, we get to live the reality of the character you played every day.

Don’t play a role you can’t represent

If you don’t believe in all that Wakanda Forever shit, simply don’t play the part. I am sick and tired of people like you, who represent something in black movies that they don’t even believe in. That is total bullshit. Didn’t you all have black queens in Wakanda. Like proper natural black queens with no silly straight weaves on. Why cant that translate into real life, it can’t just be for the movies.


I have a dark-skinned teenage daughter who absolutely adores you. I have two sons, 10 and 11 who think you are the best actor ever. They watch everything that has Micheal B Jordan in.

So the moment you accepted to play Killmonger in Black Panther, you became a role model to millions of black children out there who see you as a source of black inspiration. You have young black boys wishing they were like you. You have young black girls dreaming about a black prince charming like you.

So you don’t live in on an island by yourself. Take responsibility for being a black man in the public eye.  There is an expectation for you to behave like the black empowerment role that you play on-screen. Fair enough, you are free to do whatever you, if you want a harem full of white women, thats your free choice, but the whole purpose for your job is to inspire us your audience through the art of acting.

You may say Black Panther was just a fantasy movie. Well  to some of us, it was a  bit more than that, you starred in a movie that all black people wish was a reality, but it looks like you can’t even be bothered to bring some of that Wakanda Forever spirit into real life, at least your public real life.

Shame on you Micheal B Jordan. Instead of speaking up for the black queen you are now justifying why you don’t quite want her saying you love all types of women anyway.

The black woman is the most underrated and despised woman on the planet. White supremacy and our own black men have made us to feel that we are not that beautiful, yet we are the most beautiful.

There is reason why black women felt so empowered by Black Panther. Seeing dark skin women like Danai Gurira and Lupita Nyongo celebrated as the epitome of black beauty meant everything to us, especially from the perspective of how beauty is portrayed in the media.

My 14-year-old daughter Nakai, whos favorite character was Nakia (because it sounds like her name) came to me so excited when she read rumours that you were dating Lupita Nyongo.

‘Oh mum Lupita and Micheal B Jordan are dating, and they look so cute together.’

'Black Panther' Seoul Premiere - Press Conference
My daughter Nakai thought you and Lupita looked cute together

I had to be honest with my daughter, but it was sad to bust her fareytale bubble, ‘oh sweetheart, yes they do look cute together, but they are not together love. It’s just wishful thinking of black people who are creating all the memes about them. Yes it would be perfect and empowering if they got together, but men like Micheal B Jordan will never date a woman like Lupita, she’s just too dark and her hair is just too natural for them. White men will appreciate Lupita’s beauty more. Forget the Wakanda movie, that’s the reality on the ground.’

Oh the disappointment on my daughter’s face. But she admitted that what I said was true.

There are no fairytale stories of Black Kings and Black Queens out there. Black love is not celebrated in the mainstream media. Black men go as far as bashing black women and publicly admitting that they are not so much into black women or dark-skinned women. And light skinned ‘black’ women like Maya Jama don’t make it any easy for dark women.

So cut the whole I love all women crap. You know deep down you do not like dark-skinned natural haired women.

Recently we saw the black race celebrate France for their world cup victory because of the amount of melanin power present in their football national team, yet none of those black players, not even one has got a black wife or girlfriend. They are all with white women. Don’t tell me that they too love all women but just happened to randomly fall in love with white women. All of them. Or is it because there are no many black woman in France? Hell no. It’s a system alright. Black successful men feel that their success can only go with whiteness.

So allow the black women to bash you for  appearing in the media as an ‘anti-black women’ kind of man.

You can’t have your cake and eat it Mr. Don’t play that Wakanda Forever nonsense if you are not willing to at least imitate a fraction of it in real life.

Yours melanin advocate

Jean Gasho




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