Introducing Our New You Tube Channel, Offeh Family

Ok, so it’s been long time coming, but our You Tube channel is finally up and running. The kids are supper excited, especially my older ones. The boys are addicted to You Tube home videos so we are excited to let you guys have a little glimpse of our family life.

Before I share with you guys our You Tube channel link, let me tell you this funny story which happened to me yesterday.

So everywhere I go, people get rather shocked that I am a mother of 6. Sadly it’s not normal in this era to have 6 children. I get all sorts of mixed reactions. Some people are angered that I am contributing to over population. Some are  just shocked . Some are amused. Some applaud me and are encouraged and inspired.

But yesterday I met a black woman who took her response to me having 6 children to another level. She became the advisor.

Initially she thought I only had 3 children, as I was with my youngest 3, so she was like, ‘You have 3 children all close together, no more now, please. You need to stop.’

‘Actually I have 6 children, not 3,’ I corrected her, ‘the older ones are in school.’

The look on her face was priceless, it was both shock and disbelief.

‘Let me tell you something, you did not come into this world have children. You were not born to have children, do you understand!’ She was pointing at me. For a minute I almost said’ Yes ma’am I understand, I’m sorry won’t do it again.’ lol.

But I plucked some sort of guts and told her, ‘Umm but I feel like I was actually born to be a mother. I do like being a mum.’ I explained my self lol, she was quite strict in her advise I have to say.

‘No no no my dear!’ she went on to tell me off .’ You were not born to breed children, you were born to live a life for yourself. What about your dreams? How do you do what you love with all these children? You need to stop!’ She was so passionate, I found myself feeling sorry for her, what a painful way to look at life.

‘But I am still following my dreams dear, my children have never stopped me. They are my dream’, and with that I left her shop.


I could not wait to tell Boaz and we laughed our heads off. I have had many crazy responses to me being a mother of 6 but hers took the cup.

I do actually love being a mother of 6 and the kids love being part of a big family.  I hope you guys will love our journey of life. Enjoy our first video titled ‘Bed Time Stories’. And on that note, don’t forget to like, share and subscribe to our channel, Offeh Family.


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