New Era For Ireland As The Rights Of The Unborn Child Are Stripped Away

As Ireland has made history this weekend by voting decisively to repeal one of the world’s more restrictive abortion bans, I am not able to celebrate such a ‘victory’.

Irish women celebrate ‘victory’. 

As a mother of 6, I feel very strongly about this whole topic, even though I know my views won’t amount to anything or change anything.

The majority of Irish women have spoken, they want the right to terminate unwanted pregnancies without facing a 14 year jail sentence.

People say abortion is not a black and white issue, but to me nothing could be more black and white than abortion. One thing that I know is most women who terminate pregnancies do so not because of health reasons or rape, most terminations are done simply because the mother does not want to have the baby.

I think a woman loses her right to do whatever she wants with her body the moment she puts herself in a position where another life is created inside of her. It’s absolutely unthinkable that a woman gets to choose if another human being should live or not.

No baby in the womb would ever want or choose to be aborted. Every baby wants to live, the moment their heart starts beating, they cling on to life and want to see the light of day. That’s why their first instinct when the come out of the womb is to cry and eat, they are fighting for their right to live.

If they could be asked about their own choices, every baby would choose the right to life.

DSC_0348 (2).JPG
Every baby would choose the right to live 

I understand all about women’s rights, but I believe pregnancy is outside of women’s rights.

I know and totally understand that at times as women, we find ourselves in situations which are too heavy for us.

But one thing I have noticed in life is, there is always something very special about children born out of ‘unwanted pregnancies’. Of course every life is special and precious, but these babies who survive when the world think they should be aborted always turn out well, with some sort of gift or calling, and for some reason, these babies tend to love life the most.

I think its nature’s way of telling us that no child is a mistake. 

As a woman, you may not want the child, you may feel like it’s the wrong time, but that doesn’t make the baby a mistake.

I have such a child, so I talk from experience. Of all my children, I have one who is super enthusiastic about life. She doesn’t see the world like the rest of us does. She is totally free, mind, body and soul. She chooses to see life in it’s most pure positive form. She sees good in every human being, and walks around as though evil does not exist in this world. In her own world, everything is just bright and beautiful.

But at one point in my life, as I carried her, I was convinced that the timing was wrong. Nothing made sense. I was so scared and alone for the 9 months I carried her. I even gave birth alone. But she is that child who has taught me many things about what it means to embrace life to the fullest. Not only me, everyone who sees her always remembers her, because she carries this infectious positive aura wherever she goes.

So reading about Ireland and the ‘historic moment’ of women celebrating with tears of joy that now they could terminate unwanted pregnancies, I was filled with much sorrow and pain.

I don’t see anything to be celebrated, because when I look at my child who is so full of life and how much she makes the most of every day she has to live, I can’t help but wonder about the millions of babies who will now have that right taken away from them in Ireland. They no longer have the right to experience what it means to be human.

Those poor poor unborn Irish babies, they will only live for a few weeks or months in the wombs of the women who will make them ‘if onlys’.

I honestly can’t understand how women can cry with joy, that babies will be aborted. What is the joy for?

Tears of joy 

It wasn’t pictures of a joyous celebration that I saw all over the media in Ireland, but a dark, sad and bloody new era for a nation that once held one of the most holy and sacred laws of humanity, the rights of unborn babies who the world deems mistakes. Now these precious lives will no longer be, but will have their little bodies ripped apart in their most vulnerable sacred state, what a sad new era for Ireland.





3 thoughts on “New Era For Ireland As The Rights Of The Unborn Child Are Stripped Away

  1. Happenings of this kind only tell us that most people strive for happiness at the expense of others. They don’t strive with but against everyone else.
    Ma’am, I admire your boldness, and I am learning from it.

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  2. So as per your logic women should be forced to have children against their will and children should be given birth just for the sake of it. Apparently children’s quality of life is immaterial as they are raised by parents who didn’t want them due to varied personal reasons or left in shelter homes as vulnerable as one could possibly be. Yeah! but most importantly they get to be alive, right?


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