23 thoughts on “Meghan Markle Won’t Be The First Black Royal, She Is Not Black.

  1. That is so true..I have mixed culture in my family but lots of my family member disregard their other side and this article made sense and I didn’t really think of the other side of thinking

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    1. While I’ve agreed with you on the stupidity of black people worshipping any god and especially the gods of their slave masters and oppressors ( Jehovah and Yaweh), you have no power to define anyone, or their race, let alone claim that Megan Markle is white. People have the define themselves and census form’s in civilised societies allow people to do that by law.

      What about the one drop of black blood rule that someone else arbitrarily made up? Would she or I get less of a kicking from the KKK because we are not ‘pure’ black as you presume you are? After the world’s invasions, rapes, pillaging by the likes of Genghis Kahn, Alexander the Great, the Arabs, the Vikings, Romans, and the rest mixing their blood and then invading Africa for thousands of years, plus the Transatlantic slave trade and subsequent remixing of those previously mixed genes, what makes you think that so-called black (actually brown) people are pure?

      Have you had your mitochondrial DNA tested to show you are pure and have no European mixtures?
      If we Africoid people are superior beings just because we happen to be born with more melanin (and not by our educational qualifications), then how come those presumably bits of ‘inferior white trash’ were able to enslave our ancestors of purer African blood and build massive cities, banks, multinationals at our ancestors’ expense and still manage to keep us down today in 2018? Long before the Europeans came the Arabs, before them enslaved African people for over 1,200 years…..and it still goes on in Libya as Saudi Arabia. Bearing that in mind, what makes you think she is not worthy of being described as black and that you have the right to redifine her as white?


      1. You are beyond pathetic with that dribble drabbble. Person please take a hike. Simply put Megan Markle is Bi Racial and doesn’t claim to be black and she is not. Even her mother looks mixed. Black folks need to stop begging and looking for acceptance and please highlight when the writer of this article said blacks were superior because of our skin. She said ” we are worthy and adequate”. You sound like a white troll. Gtfoh. Fy on you and anyone defending slavery in Libya.

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    2. I am in total agreement with you! She is not Black. She’s never referred to herself as such, promoted our causes, embraced the community outright in any way that I can see.

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      1. How dare any of you say she’s not black. My mom is black w green eyes & my dad is white blond blue eyed & in this country I am BLACK even though I am light w/green eyes. I have always been called that by black & white Americans.In England where my mom grew up after migrating from Jamaica (Dad is American)they call people like us half cast & thats what she will always be classified as whether we actually know if she agrees or not.
        It is always an issue & whites & blacks will forever give US a hard time to some extent about not being white or not being black enough. And no her mom does not look mixed. I wouldn’t want to be in her shoes for $ but then again it could be her best Role yet.


  2. In America, the definition of race has changed continually along with political, social and economic demands of the dominant culture. For example, at one time the dominate culture promoted and made legal the 1/8th rule to define race. In other words, if you had 1/8 black blood, you were considered an octoroon and “negro”. By those standards, Meghan would be classified as a “negro”, colored or black. Given today’s sensibilities, Meghan has the right to self-identify as biracial or mixed. If we are to operate on what a person looks like; there are many black families in which there are white-looking, Hispanic-looking and black-looking people sharing the same last name, mother and father. Likewise, I know of bi-racial families in which the father is white and the children inherited their mother’s richly-present melanin. My point is that “race” is a concept that was developed to promote divisiveness and support socio, politico and economic oppression by a dominant group. At the end, our focus should be on the power of love that has the audacity to transcend the negative grip of race.

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  3. It’s not black pple who said mixed pple are black it’s the white people in America who decided that if a black and white persons have a child as long as they have mixed blood the child is black check out the American history and the media is running with it Meaghan Merkle is black that’s why they are focusing on her mother not her father it’s s known fact u can’t change

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    1. Not true…look at the comments here!!! Every comment as well as the writer has said she ISNT black then states their ridiculous opinions. I am still scratching my head with your comment. Sure white people throw that around but black Americans are just as bad if not worse judging biracial children. If they don’t pass the blackness test whisk Mrs Merkle hasn’t (apparently) then she is t black. Well I am hear to tell you SHE IS BLACK AND SHE IS WHITE.


  4. So true. Even if she was black, the fact that she is getting married to Harry means nothing for black people in Britain. We will still be the poorest in the nation. The US had a “black” president for 8 years. It made no difference to the socio-economic status of Black Americans. They are still the poorest people in their country.

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    1. You are correct! It doesn’t matter what color anyone is. The entire government could be made up of black people and nothing will change for the average black person. To bad you can’t figure out why! We ALL make our own way! YOU have to help yourself..no one is going to magically make you successful. Ask the Jews, Chinese, Jamaicans, Africans (from Africa). These above mentioned people have/are pulling themselves out of poverty by striving for excellence. Black Americans DONT do that as whole. Yes there are individuals who succeed but the majority of black Americans seem to think that someone is going to fix everything for them…life don’t work that way!!!! Black American culture is to blame (mostly but not for everything though). Thug rap culture has been a scourge to black Americans. Instead of seeking to succeed they want to be cool. Acedemic excellence is frowned upon and those that are high achieving they are viewed as sellouts, Uncle toms, house blah blah, etc…until black America makes a change no amount of money, policies, etc will change a darn thing!!!!! THAT IS REALITY AND THAT IS THE TRUTH


      1. Please hush shut up and be quiet. The Africann population is no different than the black african population. Most are poor with some that make more money than others.Nearly 100% of africans regardless of where they are need a white system or regardless of their tribe will be poor and often destitute.
        Jamaica is poor and more violent than any american city. 8 people an hour are shot in kingston alone. Im sure the same applies to most black countries if not all. Little if any African wealth will be passed on as most are white washed and ethno exstict themselves with white mates.No Africans have any type of econony whatsoever. Most African women drool over white men and have open videos on youtube expressing their hate and disdain for men in their own countries. Tells me all i need to know


  5. What makes her an American Negro woman is her wonderful relationship with her American Negro Mother who apparently gave her the skills to strive and succeed in today’s highly racialist global society!


  6. I didn’t know about Meghan Markle’s race/not being white until I read her interview. For me, she is white because she looks nothing but white. It seems to me that it wouldn’t be very straightforward for a person to find their way to the Royal Family if they even didn’t look white.

    It is the tradition, celebrating the long history of Britain that the Royal Family represents – unlike some tv shows, there is no point in making the Royal Family a showcase of the Nation’s ethnicities. After all, it is only one family, loved by the whole world as one of the iconic British things, along with London’s red buses, Trafalgar Square etc.

    Black people in Britain should look elsewhere to improve their social & economic status.

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  7. If President Obama is/was considered black then so is she! Reality is that people who are mixed feel an intense pressure to be black and to shun the other side. That’s WRONG! I always thought that all these mixed kids would one day grow up and help bridge a gap in race relations but to date that isn’t happening. Instead as I said before people of mixed ethnicity feel that if they don’t act black enough that black people wont accept them. The writer of the opinion piece as well as a lot of posters have proven this point. You believe that somehow because a person doesn’t show their blackness they can be written off. Well it don’t work that way honey!!!!


  8. Queen Sophie Charlotte was the Queen of England, here descendants are the present Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles, Prince William and Prince Harry. Queen Sophie Charlotte was an Africoid, a black woman, a mulatto. Therefore, FACT: the royal family are of MIXED-RACE! For me, history is repeating itself thru Harry and Meghan. The “beauty” of the black race is that “we” come in various skin tones, from the darkest of the dark to the fairest of the fair and THAT is something NO OTHER RACE can produce.


  9. On Meghan Markle’s Bi-racial Blackness.

    Actually, Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Sussex (nee Meghan Markle) has claimed to be both Bi-racial and Black in a piece that she wrote back in 2015 for Elle Magazine.

    Under the old American “One Drop Rule” she is considered Black in her own country not only by some mainly racist Whites but also by some Black activists too, – presumably in an understandable attempt to increase numbers.

    The US “One Drop Rule”, which exists nowhere else in the world, only ever applied to Africans and was made for so called ‘National Economic’ reasons to cover the children of slave mothers and slave owners. It made it that “one drop of Black blood” categorised offspring as Black and therefore slaves no matter how dark/light they might be. Although originally a Law used by slave owners, it was enforced after the Civil War in some states in the US to prevent inter-racial marriages of a Black and White nature up until 1967!

    We have never had the One Drop Rule in the UK and Slavery has never been legal in the UK itself (the Colonies were a different matter) since the Norman Conquest in 1066. Before the great encouraged influx of Black Immigrants from the West Indies in the 1950s and 1960’s, there had been quite a few tens of thousands of Blacks in the UK in previous centuries from the 1500s onwards (smaller numbers before then). These were free men & women and though many of them were employed as servants to rich merchants and aristocrats, some were soldiers, farmers, sailors, fishermen, shopkeepers, tradesmen, merchants and educated professionals. Many had always interbred racially, and by the twentieth century perhaps most of them had interbred with the indigenous White population becoming ‘invisible’. Thus, under the US One Drop Rule, many of today’s UK White population would be considered Black, – including the Queen herself and her children! Their Black blood dates back to the late 1700s (before the American Revolution) to Queen Charlotte, – the Bi-racial wife of African descent of King George III. She came via German Royalty from a branch of Portuguese Royalty that had Sub-Saharan African blood.

    Ironic then that some of the White Supremacists in the USA may be ‘technically’ black

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