When Children Are Born Racist

My two-year-old little girl is the epitome of what it means to be a strong, black girl child. She is that kind of girl who just loves life to the fullest. She is fearless and bold, everything I wasn’t when I was a child, I was ever so timid and shy. But not my little girl, she lives in her own little world where every human being she sees is supposed to be her friend. She does not yet understand that not every person is nice and some people, even little children her own age, can be quite mean and nasty.

It’s those moments I really wish she was only around black people, yes black children. I don’t know why but for some reason white children are not normally able to handle her personality, they feel quite uncomfortable around her and find her personality intimidating. I feel the more she will be around white children, they will completely kill her free spirit and tame the lioness in her.

I have observed this disturbing behavior for a quite a while now. When she is around white children, they stare at her and sometimes they can be quite mean. I am talking children who are the same age as her, as young as 2 years old. Children who are supposed to be innocent, but they are not.

However, when she is around black children, the reactions of the children are very different to the majority of white children.

Black children, especially boys find her fascinating and they just want to play with her and run around with her. Little girls like to follow her as she sometimes takes a leadership role. She is the one who almost always initiates conversations with other children.

I took her to a wedding recently, and a little boy about the same age as her loved her so much he kissed her on the lips. Yes I know, very intimate. The mother of the boy was ever so apologetic that her son had just kissed my daughter on the lips. But we found it rather hilarious and sweet, that at 2 years old she had received her first kiss, at a wedding.

The other time we took her to a cafe where there was a little 4-year-old black boy. It was almost like love at first sight. They held hands and spoke about life, literally. When the little boy had to go, the goodbyes they said to each other were quite emotional and sad to watch. When the little boy had walked quite a distance with his mother, he had to emotionally break from his mother’s hand and ran back to say goodbye to my little girl. It was like something from a romantic movie scene.

So these are normally the reactions she gets from children who are black. They just love her and their first reaction towards her is normally affection and fascination.

However, that is not the reactions she gets from the majority of white children. Some can be quite mean to her, and it’s awfully sad and heartbreaking. I wish I had a magic wand to just make all the evil disappear, just for her.


DSC_1054 (2)
She is a free spirit, who loves everyone


What happened today was the climax of the racism. It was unbelievable. We took her to a play area where she was the only black child, unfortunately.  What we saw there was rather horrifying, we had to end up removing our daughter from the play pen, as it was getting upsetting and uncomfortable to watch.

At that point, Nino asked me, ‘Are these children actually born racist? They are only 2 years old, this is hard to understand’.

I looked back at him and replied him as honestly as I could considering the disturbing things I was witnessing before my own eyes. ‘Yes, they are. These children are actually born racist. The way they are all being mean to her, I don’t think anyone taught them that.’

At one point they were all running away from her like they were scared of her like she was some sort of alien, something they had never seen. She was trying so hard to be part of them, but they did not even want her to touch them.

I looked at Nino and said, ‘She needs her own people, they will never look at her like that and despise her. ‘

I tried so hard not to cry. I had to say a little prayer for her.

So we took our daughter out of the play area, which was sad for her because she still wanted to play.

But it looks like God actually answered my prayer or rather her prayer.

We found another play place for her. There were two little children in the sitting area, a 4-year old boy and a 2-year-old girl who were siblings. Their mother was sitting nearby. And guess what they were black.

Because I had been telling her whilst in the other play pen that she had to leave the other children alone and play by herself, I never thought she was listening, but it must have got to her. She saw the two little black children but found her her own spot to play alone. Or maybe the racist children had done something to her free joyful spirit.

However, when the other two children saw her, they lept with joy and excitement and ran to her. It was as though they had known each other for years, they hit it off straight away, and started running around playing together.

At one point my daughters’ shoe strap was undone, and the 4-year-old little boy knelt down to fix it for her, like a true gentleman. Then the two-year-old girl sat with my daughter showing her what was in her backpack. It was a picture of humanity, how it’s supposed to be.

The difference between how the white children had treated her to how the black children had treated her was startling. Almost unbelievable. But it was real.

I can honestly say that at the age of two, in Britain, my little girl has suffered racial segregation at the hands of other children her age. I honestly do not believe the racist white children were taught to despise black children. I think it is something they are born with. I am not able to explain it, but I have seen my toddler despised because of who she is.

The white children feel intimidated by her and can not stand her presence, black children have nothing but love and admiration for her.


I remember some time ago in April, a professor from Canada, Dr. Kang Lee conducted a research which proved that children as young as 6 months could be racist. At that time I didn’t fully agree with his research. But now seeing the growing pattern of how a lot of white children treat my daughter, I can now fully agree that children are born racist. My own daughter, who is only 2 has already been a victim of racism, though she loves everyone, has a pure heart and has never been mean to another child because they are white.

It breaks my heart as a mummy, that my baby has already experienced the evils of racism, I wish I could take her to an island that dwells nothing but peace, love, and harmony. But she is here, where racism is rife and real, even in two-year-olds.





3 thoughts on “When Children Are Born Racist

  1. I don’t know Jean.I have a 6 year old. My door used to ring no end ,boys and girls coming to get her so they could play. Last year there were up to 30 uninvited kids in our back garden for her birthday it was so much fun. This year things have changed . My heart breaks for my little girl. They tell her to go away and leave them alone. I know a few new people have moved into our estate so I am guessing their kids may have had a negative impact on my little girls friends. She is now indoors a lot and I just don’t know what to do.I think it depends on the parents , at age 2 children are curious but they are generally accepting.


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