Black People Are The Better Race

Dear Munroe Bergdorf.

You are the woman who recently got fired by L’Oreal for saying this, “All white people are racist. Most of ya’ll don’t even realise or refuse to acknowledge that your existence, privilege and success as a race is built on the backs, blood and death of people of colour. Your entire existence is drenched in racism. From micro-aggressions to terrorism, you built the blueprint for this shit. Come see me when you realise racism isn’t learned, it’s inherited and consciously or unconsciously passed down through privilege. Once white people begin to admit their race is the most violent and oppressive force of nature on Earth … then we can talk.”

Munroe Bergdorf

Today, as I write this letter to you, I bow. I bow because you are without a doubt the true definition of what it means to be a warrior Queen. You may not be worth it to L’Oreal anymore, but to me Munroe, you are worthy.

Today, in 2017 you are without a doubt the strongest voice the entire black race has ever had in this generation.

Every white person in this world enjoys the privilege of being born white. No white person would ever want to trade that privilege. Every white person in this world is born better off than black people. Every white person in this world benefits from what their forefathers did. The system is conditioned to favor white people, and that is just how it is. That makes the white race powerful.

And what you did Munroe, is challenge that power. I don’t know where you got the courage from, but you did it.

When you challenge power, you lose everything, even the crumbs of privilege that you had. That is why most of us have never been bold like you. We are afraid of losing the breadcrumbs we enjoy today at the feet of white supremacy. We are afraid of losing our jobs like you just did. We are afraid of being made destitute by the system. We are afraid of being falsely accused of ‘racism’.

It will be very hard for white people to admit this brutal truth. Imagine a rich man who lives in a palace and a poor beggar who sits outside at his gate eating the left overs of the rich man’s dogs. The white race is the rich man and the black race is that poor beggar at the gate. For white people to admit what you said is simply asking them to move out of the palace and let the poor beggar move into the palace. What you are asking for is for roles of races to be switched. You want the rich man to live the life of a homeless man whilst the beggar moves into the mansion. Why would the white man want to do that? Why would white people want to live the life of us black people?

Kinda like the story of the rich man and Lazarus. That is the perfect analogy of the white and black race.

For white people to admit that white supremacy is racism to the core, they have to refuse to live like  white men. And for that to happen, we black people have to switch places and live the life of white people so that they can know what it means to be black.

Believe me, Munroe, no white person on the face of the earth would ever want to live the life of a black man.

So, of course, you will be vilified and painted as the evil one. Of course L’Oreal will have to fire you to set an example for us all. That if we dare speak out, they will take away our bread crumbs like what has just happened to you.

For us black people to even enjoy a fraction of what white people enjoy today, the transition would never be smooth but brutal. Black people would have to claim their power back. Their identity. Their wealth. Rules would have to be brutally reversed. Everything would have to be back to front. Every right would have to be wrong.

For us to ever enjoy a fraction of the supremacy whites enjoy, we have to go back to where it all started and reverse history. That means black people enslaving white people. Doing everything that white people did to our forefathers. We would have to be just as evil and cruel and kill the spirit of white people the same way they killed our spirit.

For us to ever enjoy the privilege of the white race, to have their power and dominion, we have to watch the white race cry in agony whilst we sit laughing, sipping on champagne. Our black men would have to strip naked all white women and beat and rape them brutally. Our black men would have to tell white women that their hair is ugly and they are not beautiful. Our black men would have to tell white women that their blue eyes and blonde hair is disgusting. Our black men would have to beat white men and subject them to cruel labor.

For us to ever enjoy the privilege that whites enjoy, even I would have to have at least 10 white female slaves whom I whip everyday into submission. Now get the picture, Munroe. That is what it will take to eradicate white supremacy. Blood has to be shed.

Tell me, Munroe. Will that ever happen? Will the black race ever be as evil as the white race? Will the black race ever do what their fore fathers did to our fore fathers?

Because that is the only way that black people can ever get their power back.

Well, the answer is no.

You see Munroe, the battle between white people and people of color goes deeper, way deeper beyond what we see today. What we have today as ‘white supremacy’ is simply the product of what it means to be cruel and pure evil. The biggest evil ever committed in the entire human existence was committed by the white race.

Even I at one point was brainwashed to think white people are less evil than black people. I even wrote about it, but I was wrong. The evilest group people to ever to walk on this planet is the white race.

You see Munroe, black people are the original race. They are purest people on this planet. Not only is gold from Africa, the heart of the black man is in and of itself pure gold. Our hearts have always been too good. I say too good for own good, no wonder we were enslaved.

I know what I am talking about. I know what it means when your own kindness becomes your own curse. I know what it means to be vilified and abused because of your own good heart. I know what it means when you have something inside so strong, and you suffer for it. I have been abused and alienated by my own family because I have been too kind to them. I have siblings who are favored by my mother over me. But I never want to enjoy the privilege they enjoy, even though it’s painful because their privilege is built on nothing but their cruelty and hatred for me.

We can never be equal to whites. They have power. And that power has been translated into privilege.

But let me tell you something, we are the better race. We are in reality the superior race.

We are superior because we love them, despite the evil they did to us and continue to. We are the stronger race. We are stronger because we have endured the highest level of hatred on this planet. We are not only strong in heart, but our strength also lies in our own skin, the skin they despise so much. Today we call it melanin power. No skin is better physically than the skin of the black man. They despise our skin and call us black and ugly, and they call themselves white and beautiful, but in reality, we are the beautiful ones.

If we try to stand up even on our weak feeble knees to empower ourselves, they can’t stand  our weakest strength, they call it reverse racism, like what they are accusing you of today. Yet no white person can ever endure for even an hour what our forefathers endured for centuries and what we continue to endure today.

I grew up in Zimbabwe where whites were treated like gods by the black people they enslaved and colonized. I grew up in Africa where even the Post Office, white people never had to stand in a queue. They would be the best Christians, most of them were missionaries and Pastors, but they would never see anything wrong in having servants whom they treated as slaves. I saw them with my own eyes, treat their own dogs better than they treated their black servants.

Nelson Mandela spent almost 30 years in prison for trying to eradicate white supremacy. But he came out and forgave. Some say he betrayed the black race. But he was just being a black man.

We are the race that forgives even when we should not. We are the race that loves our enemies more than we love ourselves. When they come to Africa, we treat them like kings and queens but when we come in their land they treat immigrants like criminals like what was evidently shown in the BBC Panorama tonight, Undercover Britain’s Immigration Secrets. In 2017 black people are treated worse than dogs because they are immigrants.

We are the race that gives the other cheek, literally. We are the race that believes all things, whatever they teach us we believe. We are the race that never repays evil for evil but we reward evil with good. We have our own icon Nelson Mandela as proof. So are we not the purest race on this planet?

So, of course, we can never be equal to white people. We are better than them.

The foundation of their ‘white supremacy’ is built on nothing but pure wickedness. As a black woman, I never want to enjoy such a supremacy. A supremacy built on blood. A supremacy builds on rape. A supremacy built on torture. A supremacy built on pain.

I have a conscience that is too tender to enjoy such blood supremacy. I would rather enjoy the supremacy of integrity, honor, strength, and truth. And the black race has such supremacy.

So take heart Munroe, you went on Good Morning Britain today and spoke on behalf of the entire black race. Of course, Piers Morgan will dismiss you. He works for the Daily Mail, the most racist mainstream British Newspaper. If you want to see how racist Britain is today, just go and read the comments published on Daily mail. So Piers Morgan will obviously falsely accuse you of racism to silence you. He is speaking for his race. He is representing his people. He is indirectly defending what his fore fathers did.

Remember I mentioned the story of the rich man and Lazarus. I have always been a bit of a dreamer. I believe in justice even when my eyes don’t see it. Do you think the blood shed by our forefathers was in vain? Do you think our mothers were stripped, raped and defiled in vain?

For now, let them enjoy white supremacy. They will never admit that their existence is built on racism. If they admit that, it means they have to switch roles and live like us. Even the nicest white people, the ones who donate millions to Africa, or those who go to church every Sunday, even they would never want to have their white privilege taken away.

But take heart Munroe, we are the better race.

And I know that to be the truth. That is why this article would never be published in the Huffington Post UK, even though I am a contributor blogger for them.

But the truth remains, we are in fact the superior race.

2 thoughts on “Black People Are The Better Race

  1. Project much? If you were intellectually honest you would’nt make absolute statements. Like every white person is better off…
    Did whites invent slavery? Who was the first slaveholder in the US? Who is still enslaving people to this day?
    Why have our black stufents, who used to have better test scores when we used old books and had classroom sizes that required students too shit inn the hall, now have the lowest test scores of any racial demographic?
    Answer is people buying this bullshit you as laying down.
    Try reading some Thomas Sowell or Lloyd Marcus.


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