As Kenya Makes History Today, May Africa Watch And Learn

It is a country of global history makers. The country of Barak Obama. It remains East Africa’s biggest economy. And can I just say it has one of the most beautiful flags in the continent of Africa? So Africa and the world should not be surprised, that African political history was made in Kenya today. For the first time in Africa, presidential election results have been annulled!

The ruling makes Kenya the first African country to have a presidential poll invalidated by a court. The election commission had declared  Uhuru Kenyatta the winner by a margin of 1.4 million votes in last months presidential elections. But the opposition argued that the commission’s IT system had been hacked to manipulate the results.

After the ruling was announced, opposition presidential candidate Raila Odinga said: “This is a historic day for the people of Kenya and by extension for the people of the continent of Africa.”


Supporters of Raila Odinga celebrate in Kenya today


This is Africa’s first ever decision to nullify a presidential result.

As Africa watches, lessons will certainly be drawn from this historic moment.

In these recent Kenyan elections that sparked national outrage, it’s very interesting to note that the International observers including the African Union, had said they saw no evidence or sign of rigging and manipulation in the voting system.

The western officials had told Raila Odinga to just accept defeat, but he refused to be told by the world what he thought was right for his country.

Raila Odinga proved to be a man of resilience and conviction who believed in justice even when the world could not see it.

What this has taught Africa is that democracy is possible in Africa, especially when the western world will not be part of that democracy. If you are not happy with who is ruling your country in Africa, then do something about it even when you have no support of the world. An African country can still stand on its own and sort out its own political crisis. A lesson for Zimbabweans, who are always crying out for ‘international’ help on social media.

For me as an African, this is not about who will win the re run of the elections later this year in Kenya, Raila Odinga may not win. Raila Odinga has contested in the last three presidential elections and lost each time, claiming the results were being rigged. But maybe his quest for justice and resilience may change his destiny in the upcoming re-run. On the other hand, Uhuru Kenyatta is from the biggest tribe and still has a lot of support. However for me, this is not about who will win, but this is about the new face of African democracy, and Kenya has just demonstrated it to the rest of Africa, especially troubled Zimbabwe, a country that has never changed president since 1980.

However, I see this principle working for the rest of Africa except for my former country Zimbabwe.Unlike Kenya, Zimbabwe is a country that has a current political system that is beyond a joke. A that makes an actress their national crises whilst laughing at the people who actually vote for Robert Mugabe. A country that puts a foreign raunchy dancer at the center of its political and economic crises.

Unlike Kenya, Zimbabwe is a country that has a current political system that is beyond a joke. A that makes an actress their national crises whilst laughing at the people who actually vote for Robert Mugabe. A country that puts a foreign raunchy dancer at the center of its political and economic crises.


In Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe is voted by the masses. He has the power and the support on the ground and no opposition leader can beat him at that. Only his party conducts a rally and millions turn up whilst the rest of the country make noise on Facebook laughing that  Zanu PF supporters don’t know what AfriForum is. Whilst Zimbabweans are laughing on Facebook, the joke is them because the people who don’t know what AfriForum stands for are the very people who keep Robert Mugabe in power. At least Mugabe’s supporters are on the ground. At least they vote.

Zimbabweans who do not support Robert Mugabe want their history to be changed by social media activists whose main priority is Facebook likes and comments.

But as an African, unlike what I see in Zimbabwe, I am ever so proud of Kenya today. May the African countries who have eyes to see watch and learn.

After the presidential election results people of Kenya were sad, it was that feeling that America had when Donald Trump won the presidency. It was Raila Odinga whom the majority had wanted and anticipated for.

Corruption almost reigned in Kenya. Injustice almost won. Blood was shed before and after this historic election. Chris Msando, the IEBC IT manager was tortured and killed shortly before the elections. After the elections that declared Uhuru Kenyatta as President, protests were triggered by supporters of the opposition party which saw at least 28 people dead, some shot by the police. There was even speculation that Raila Odinga would declare himself peoples president without going to court. The people of Kenya never thought what happened today would happen. I think the world never saw it coming too.

But it was the quest for justice by NASA that prevailed and made way for Kenya to become a world class democracy to reckon with.

Kenya has chosen integrity and resilience over lies, theft, and corruption. Kenya has chosen order, peace, and honesty in choosing their President. Today Kenya has become a force to reckon with when African democracy is mentioned.

Maybe just maybe, Kenya has made democratic history for the rest of Africa to learn, especially doomed Zimbabwe. Other countries like Ghana have tried to challenge the Presidential election results in the past after serious rigging allegations, but the courts would not vote in favor of the public. Nigeria is another African country where corruption reigns.

May peace reign in beautiful Kenya, as the country prepares to vote again. May this country make us all proud for we are all watching. Most importantly may the best man win in the next presidential elections which I believe will be free and fair.


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