You Can Buy A Husband, But You Will Never Buy His Love

We now live an era where women are now buying their own husbands. More women are now earning more money than men, especially African women in the diaspora. Women are now having more money and power, so they are now resorting to taking away their own reproach. It’s truly amazing, how this scripture is being fulfilled in our lifetime right before our eyes.

“And seven women shall take hold of one man in that day, saying, “We will eat our own bread and wear our own clothes, only let us be called by your name; take away our reproach.” Isaiah 4:1

Ok maybe not the seven women to one man bit, but the rest is happening these days. The prophecy is being fulfilled, not only by older black women in the diaspora but by older white women too. When successful older women (black or white) want husbands, they will go for younger black men who have no money. They will be called by his name, assume the social status of a married woman, but they will have paid for their own bride price and marriage.

Older white women are also buying young black men

But there are some things money can never buy, and one of those things is love. If you pay for your own bride price, you have bought a man, but you can never buy his love. Of course, he will show you love, but he will be in love with your silver and gold, not you. And love driven by money and social status fades very easily. Love is about destiny and purpose, not silver and gold.

When you buy him, no matter how much money you spend on him, he is not your husband, even though you now pride yourself with his name. Yes, he has taken away your shame and reproach, but he is not your husband and never was. You bought him like mortgage which you will keep paying each month forgetting that man’s material wants are insatiable, his heart will be wandering for the real deal.

You can send him thousands of pounds each week, buy him the all the designer labels in the world. You can shower him with cars and houses, but that will never be enough to afford his love. The only currency which can buy love with is true love.

So do not cry wolf, when he falls in love with a woman of his own choice and say “my husband, my husband”. Alas, you bought him, darling.  He is only human. He is not your dog on the leash. He is a man who wants to be loved and respected for who he is. Your money can never tame him. It will get to a point where he says to you, keep your silver and gold woman, let me go and be with the woman of my choice. 

Oh and on top of that, you do not even have a child together. Yes, you are no Ruth, he is not even the father of your child, he is not your Boaz. You bought him like a mortgage. So please woman, just sit quietly down when he falls in love with a woman of his choice,. Let him be. He is not your prisoner, he is a man. You may have bought his physical body to please your ego, but your money could never buy his heart.

So leave the woman of his dreams alone, she is not a home wrecker, whatever that means. She never stole your husband. I never understand how a man can be stolen by another woman. Is he now a wallet that can be snatched from your pocket? How dare you say she snatched him from you? He simply made a choice to leave you. Maybe he just wants to be free from being reminded every day that he drives your car and wears your clothes.

You forget that he also sacrificed a lot for you. He took away your reproach remember? He gave you his name. He gave you a social status. He gave you companionship. He warmed your lonely cold bed. So if you can’t even respect him for that, do not cry wolf when he falls in love with a woman of his dreams, he is not cheating on you, there is nothing to cheat on, your hearts were never together in the first place.

So for the women in the diaspora, who brag that they have gold and silver and buy men, please spare us the noise when your “husbands” cheats on you with a woman who has nothing.

Let him fall in love with a woman who will sleep with him on the floor. Let him fall in love with a woman who will take a walk with him the park. Let him fall in love with a woman he will count his pennies with.

A wise man called Solomon once said ” It’s better to live alone in the corner of an attic than with a quarrelsome wife in a lovely home, Proverbs 21:9″ 

He also went on to say, “Better a dry crust eaten in peace than a house filled with feasting–and conflict, Proverbs 17:1″

So do not blame him, when is tired of you bragging to him and the world that you have so much silver and gold when your heart is empty and wretched. Did they not say empty vessels make the most noise. So please, spare us with the “my husband, my husband” nonsense. He was never yours.

There are some things in life that money can never buy and love is one of them, unfortunately…


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