Shocking: Two Zimbabwean Men Beat A Woman In Public

It has not been a week since Kumbirai Masariri, a Shebeen owner from Harare, Budiriro was videoed battering a woman over $6 debt whilst other men watched and did nothing. Today another video from Zimbabwe has surfaced of two men beating a woman whilst people cheer on and laugh, requesting for her to be beaten even more. Its sickening and barbaric.

When I raised my concerns last week about evil Kumbirai Masariri, Zimbabwean men responded to me saying majority of them are not like that, this had just been a one off incident they said. They said they had acted on the video and reported Masariri to the police. Kumbirai Masariri was since arrested and fined a pitiful $50 over the barbaric attack that left 47 year old Robina Makumbe injured and traumatized. She is still at home recovering and has not been able to go back to work as a vendor. I am glad that at least she is alive, I honestly feared for her life after watching the video.  This man Masariri was supposed to receive a jail term for causing grievous bodily harm and public violence, but the Zimbabwean justice system made him get away with the evil he did.


As if that was not bad enough, today there is another video. Two heavy men beat a woman in public, whom they have handcuffed whilst other men are heard encouraging the abusers to beat her even more. She is seen pleading with them to stop and apologizing whilst her thighs and underwear are exposed. Its degrading and shameful to women. These evil Zimbabweans act as if they were not born of women. They act as if they have no mothers or sisters. The other man kicks her repeatedly and beats her using a stick, threatening her that if she doesn’t give him his money, probably another pitiful $6, he will actually kill her. I believe him. He will kill her whilst other men watch and cheer. Whether the woman had stolen in the shop or not, there is no justification for the evil that is being done to her.

I do not care what everyone says, but this is the true picture of the men of Zimbabwe today. The cowards of Zimbabwe I have been talking about. When I asked the Zimbabwean men why they can not use the same fighting/beating energy to remove Robert Mugabe from power, they told me they would never remove a democratically elected president. They say Zimbabweans are peaceful people so they will not resort to any forms of violence to change their brutal government. Very rich coming from Zimbabwean men isn’t it?  They will savagely attack defenseless women in public knowing that the same government they accuse of evil will protect their crimes. They know that no one will ever go to jail for public violence on a woman, the worst they can get is a fine of a few dollars.

There is no difference between the Zimbabwean public and the government they accuse of evil. That’s why I am sick and tired of the protests, hash tags and what not. I see more evil on the ground among the citizens. The evil is there in the streets, it is accepted by the citizens. These barbaric people are not the minority of Zimbabwean, I refuse to believe that. They make the Zimbabwean community.

If you want to judge what a community is like, go into the streets. The streets is where the true picture of the people is depicted. The streets is where evil is supposed to be openly condemned. The streets is where humanity is expressed. I remember when I first came to England I was verbally harassed by a man on a bus, he just would not leave me alone. I felt very scared as I was just sitting there in the bus by myself whilst he insulted me. An elderly couple who was sitting in front of me decided to take charge of situation. In fact it was the little old lady who started defending me. She started shouting at the man asking him to leave me alone. Before I knew it the whole bus was onto the man. Being a defenseless black teenager being attacked by a white man in public, I was protected by people that I did not even know. That is what a normal society does, especially when its a woman being attacked.

Right now as it stands, the majority of Zimbabweans who are in the country are evil and barbaric. They now channel all their poverty frustrations on defenseless women. Why are women being almost killed in public for a few dollars whilst other men watch and cheer. Zimbabwe men shame on you! This video is not another one off? I will not be surprised if we see another video of this nature next week. The fact that they will cheer such violence on a woman in their numbers proves that it is the majority of them who are like this. If it wasn’t the majority of them, no man would feel comfortable to beat a woman like that in public.

You cant do anything about Robert Mugabe but when it comes to beating women you are on the fore front. All your strength and energy comes out. You claim to be peaceful people when it comes to dealing with a government that you claim oppresses you, but in brutalizing women, you do not care about peace or human rights. True definition of cowards.

Its sad that today in Zimbabwe women no longer have any protection against violence from both the public and the justice system. Women in Zimbabwe are abused on on social media and in the streets. Whatever crimes they are supposed to have committed, there is no justification for the abuse from men. From Faith Mutema , Maureen Makusha to these poor women beaten in public by coward Zimbabwean men, this culture has to stop.  Like I mentioned in my previous articles, the root cause of this is that generally Zimbabwean men are not taught to honor and respect their women. The fact that they are comfortable to spew vulgar abusive language on women publicly says a lot about their character. Why can’t the good Zimbabwean men put their energy on educating their fellow brothers on how women aught to be treated. Why not go to the root of the problem? Awareness and education.

I will never stop writing about the coward men of Zimbabwe until I see a change in how women are treated, on social media and on the streets.  I will not join in the protests and movements against the government, I do not have time for hypocrisy. I will protest against the citizens, the men especially. Someone has to. I repeat shame on you Zimbabwe men! If you are all not like that, then can the few good ones do something to change the situation then. How come there is not even one Zimbabwean man who is able to stop the violence each time a woman is beaten in public? Where will the good Zimbabwean men be? On social media probably busy recording videos having a go at the “evil” Mugabe or hash tagging how they have been robbed whilst their fellow citizens brutalize women on the streets. Shame on you Zimbabwean men, even the good ones, this too is your shame.

You can watch the video below. Warning: some readers may find the video disturbing and upsetting.

For the Zimbabwean women feeling abused and betrayed by the men who are supposed to protect them, please be encouraged by the video below.

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