Zimbabweans Owe Maureen Makusha An Apology

Over the past week I watched Zimbabweans on social media bully, abuse, insult and mock a woman called Maureen Makusha whose pictures went viral after she attended millionaire Genius Kadungure’s all white party in a very revealing white dress. She was called a whore, trashy, mentally ill and other vulgar words that I can not write on this blog. Her critics vilified her for wearing something that is “outside” the Zimbabwean culture. Maureen Makusha also known as Maury Maks has deleted her Facebook account and issued a public apology to Zimbabweans for offending, insulting and hurting them. She said she was trying to imitate the Hollywood culture which  she relates to more and is accustomed to. She said she is truly sorry.

Now as for me personally, when I saw her pictures, I thought her apparel was very inappropriate mainly because she had no underwear and I thought the dress did not flatter her figure. That was my own opinion of her dress. I thought she should not have worn the black bra and she should have made the dress more fitting if she wanted to pull off a look like that. Apart from my opinion of her, I did not think of her as a whore, neither did I feel the urge to comment on her pictures abusing her. I went on her Facebook profile and I saw very beautiful pictures of her where she wore clothes that made her look stunning and elegant. As for this particular dress, she chose to go out like that, its her choice and I respected it. That is what freedom is. I also like to wear what I want, I believe it is my freedom as a woman to choose my own apparel and not be stoned or publicly humiliated for it. A number of people have criticized me for just wearing shorts, which is fine, it’s their opinion, but I do not believe I have to be abused for it.

When I grew up in Zimbabwe, I was often abused verbally in the streets by men who called me all sorts of vulgar names for simply wearing a pair of jeans. It was awful and demeaning. One thing I have learnt about Zimbabwean culture is it’s disrespect for women. The men especially feel so comfortable to utter vulgar derogatory abuse to women each time a woman does or says something they don’t agree with. Not all of them are like that, but in my opinion, the majority certainly are. This culture within the Zimbabwe community has spread to social media, and that is one outstanding character in Zimbabweans. Vulgar and abusive language!! They are not able to accept that a person can have a different opinion to them. Their only solution to opposing opinions is to hurl abuse and profanity without rationally discussing the content of the matter. You will never find this character trait so rampant in any other African culture.

Some of the derogatory names I have subjected to by Zimbabweans on Twitter for simply blogging an opinion. This language is considered normal within their society

I have been called a whore for every opinion I have. Most of the comments on my articles are abusive and full of profane language. When I wrote the letter to Evan Mawarire, I was called a whore by his fans. A well respected Zimbabwean doctor came on my wall to defend my letter to Mawarire, he was vilified and abused by mostly women for it. When I wrote my recent article about the HowTheyRobbedUs hashtag I was called worse than a whore. Zimbabwean men went as far as to say derogatory sexual remarks about me on Facebook and Twitter. Women joined in too. That was all for simply having a blog and expressing my views on it. How abusive can a people be?

My husband who is from Ghana is often shocked with how most of these Zimbabwean men address women. He can not understand why Zimbabweans love to insult people with vulgar words at every given opportunity. In Ghana, men are taught to respect women. I have never seen a people so composed and calm. The use of dirty vulgar words is not the norm in their society. Zimbabweans have normalized vulgar so much that we no longer see anything wrong with it. The language that we use daily on social media will never be seen anywhere with any other country. I have a number of readership from Ghana who follow me, each time they try to comment on my articles they are verbally abused and told to stay out of Zimbabwe issues. Yet these are the people who say we want the world to help Zimbabwe. Below is a screen shot of two shameless Zimbabwean women who verbally abused a Ghanaian man for commenting on a Zimbabwean issue on my Facebook page. The Ghanaian man did respond expressing his shock at the comfortable use of vulgar language on a open forum by Zimbabwean women, something which is obviously unheard of where he comes from.


The purpose of this article is to highlight this very disturbing trait. All the people who abused Maureen Makusha on social media  for her choice of apparel are no better than her, morally, spiritually or socially. I believe they are actually worse and in need of redemption. Some Zimbabweans as a people are totally depraved. I have never seen a people so bitter and abusive. The bible says out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. The bible also says what you eat does not make you dirty but what comes out of your mouth is what defiles you. For a country that claims to be a Christian country, why is that the most common language in Zimbabwe is vulgar language and insults? Is it all Mugabe’s fault again? Did Mugabe also rob you of eloquence and the ability to be well spoken without hurling insults? What kind of a country only knows how to type vulgar language? How rotten can a people be? To bully a young woman because of her own choice of apparel then call her all derogatory names under the sun. To make a young woman apologies to the whole country? Maureen Makusha owes no one an apology or explanation as to why she wore that dress.

How many women in the world today go out wearing the the same type of apparel that Maury wore? I have never seen any of them being called derogatory names. Here in Britain I see women walking around in summer in shorts that leaves half the buttocks out. They will even be walking holding hands with their proud boyfriends or husbands. No one stones them for it. As for in the entertainment industry.  Did anyone ever call Toni Braxton a whore? What about Rihana? Jennifer Lopez. Madonna. Beyonce. Katie Price. The list is endless. Who calls these women whores and worse names? Some of them are happily married but will still go out half naked. Is it the public’s place to humiliate them? Yes there will always be online debates about women and their dressing. A lot of people disagree with how some of these women dress in public, myself included, but we will never publicly abuse these women for it. They may be criticized yes, but its all very civil and with respect for the women. People understand that its their choices, whether they agree or not they have to respect them. Why can’t the rest of Zimbabweans be enlightened to just learn to be civil human beings when it comes to choices women make? I have never even seen a single comment on social media calling Kim Kardashian derogatory names for even a sex tape and posing nude for a magazine.

If Christ was standing here today in person he would say to every person who abused Maureen “He who is without sin cast the first stone”.  You Pharisees and hypocrites. Most of you who were abusing her are sleeping with prostitutes, thieving, wife abusing and God knows what you do in your private lives. Don’t you all think you are any better than her morally? There is nothing wrong with expressing your opinions about her, but abusing her and crucifying her is totally wrong and unacceptable. Why should Zimbabwe be a country that normalizes online trolls and bullies? This is not the first time Zimbabweans have exhibited this kind of behavior online, it happens all the time. Not long ago I saw Muchaneta from X-Factor 2016 being verbally abused online for her voice. I personally thought the woman was funny, delightful and a breath of fresh air. Her song, “Taking Over” really ministered to me, it was so catchy and I found myself singing to it over and over. But to Zimbabweans ,she was a national disgrace who deserved to be insulted and mocked. Maybe that’s why you are not getting the world sympathy you want from the pity party hash tags, the world can really see what you are made of.#thisflag #howtheyrobbedus

As for Maureen, ya’ll want to talk about Zimbabwe culture. What on earth is Zimbabwean culture? Do you even know what our culture is when it comes to dressing? Our true Zimbabwean culture is walking around half naked with only small pieces of loinclothes (nhembe) covering our privates. If you really want to go back to Zimbabwe culture lets all strip and start walking around in nhembe. Do not even bring culture into this. Dressing in a society evolves. It changes every decade. Zimbabweans please learn to be tolerant.

It is not anyone’s place to condemn Maureen Makushe. She will have her own day before God on judgement day. You will have your own day too. I will have mine. In the mean time whilst we are here on planet earth, let those who choose to live their lives a certain way do without verbally abusing them. Cleanse your hearts as a people and repent from this spirit of profanity that has engulfed you to the point where you see vulgar language as the norm.

As a matter of fact, it is you Zimbabweans who owe Maureen Makushe an apology, not the other way round. Every Zimbabwean online troll who called this young woman a whore and any other derogatory name should be utterly ashamed of themselves. To Maury I say, yes it is good to be conscious of how people perceive you, but you will never be able to please everyone. Be unapologetic about who you are. Forget the trolls. Be yourself and be bold in how you choose to express yourself, as a Zimbabwean woman you have to develop thick skin to be the woman you want to be. Girl, you can’t go around issuing apologies to people who don’t even know you for simply being yourself. If I took every comment and opinion of Zimbabwean people to heart, I will be issuing a public apology for every blog I write and for every pair of shorts I have in my wardrobe.

I have embraced a lot British culture due to me living in the country for so long. I don’t need to apologize for it. If Tinashe the American singer had worn the exact dress you wore, the Zimbabweans would have left her alone because they understand her to be more American than Zimbabwean. Maureen, its okay to embrace whatever culture you want, whether Indian, English or American. We all do it. Its normal and you deserve the peoples apology.


22 thoughts on “Zimbabweans Owe Maureen Makusha An Apology

  1. Jean, I admire your courage to confront views opposed to yours and indeed i may not agree with what you say but I will fight to the death defending your right to say it. The following are sore points for me about what you wrote: 1. I don’t agree that Zimbabweans have a culture of vulgar language bcoz to conclude that as fact you need to have done a credible research. Without justifying vulgar talk but I think Zimbabweans don’t tolerate rubbish and they are confrontation when it comes to defending their own values. Don’t you think their openly attacking that lady is proof positive that they are opposed to shameful acts and by inference they are also opposed to shameful language. I see it as an angry response to an offending and highly distasteful provocation. That’s how i read it. 2. You mentioned our culture in terms not so good. We know culture is not imported nor can be fast tracked. It marks the uniqueness of a people group. It can’t be compared bcoz there is no independent system of reference, independent form a culture. Yes we can compare specific cultural traits and occasion specific language may may not tell us anything about language of a people.On comparison with other African nations, have you considered that other nations may just not be washing their dirty linen in public nor write in English or maybe their foreign partners ain’t willing to interpret for them (kusashamura hapwa)? There is no culture that has no blemish. 3. Right of choice remains sacred but it has context. In the Zimbabwean context you don’t do that.

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    1. But I think the Best peogle or Race which tolerates Rubbish is Zimbabwens. How can a country with mens with balls watch a President to rule over you for more than 30 years. The pain and anger in your heart is channelled to vulnerable people in the society especially women. If you don’t tolerate nonsense, please change your president and leave the women alone.

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    2. this is some BS, what would you say if your mother went to a party like that. Lets not defend indefensible things that was totally inapporpriate, she should know that she lives in a world with people and it is my firm belief that she wore that to provoke either men or conversation, looks like she got more than she bargained for. Madhimoni echihure


  2. Yes wen it comes to scolding it’s a trait that is developing fast nesu mazimbo,
    It shows anger,
    The anger has brewed so long and so much without an outlet to let it out.
    Now with the birth of social media we use it as an outlet to release the anger, mazimbo anotuka shaaaa for no reason, that is not normal, but it’s normal for us.

    I like yuor general opinion on manner of dress.

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      1. We need people to inspire our little girls to think better, do better for the sake of a better Africa, zvino kana makuti society ngairege hunhu husina kunaka huchienderera murikuti kudii nhai hanzvadzi, ehe mashoko akataurwawo haanawo hunhu asi you have to be objective about the whole thing wotarisa mativi ose.


  3. My heart feels sad whenever I read stories like this about Zimbabwe. Happy to use Vulgar for women? No respect for Women of Zimbabwe. The culture has made men so controlling and feels they can always subdue or lower women as slaves.

    This is a country where young girls are trained how to please a man in bed so at a very tender age, the young girl knows what sex is and has the intention to experience it as soon as possible. This is one interesting culture that teaches young girls that their usefulness in the world is to be pleasing men. DON’T BLAME THE LADY WHO EXPOSES HER P***SY IN PUBLIC. IT’S NOT HER FAULT, BLAME THE SAME CULTURE.

    This culture teaches wives to clap for men and kneel after Sex. WTH. A lot of crazy stuffs Zimbabwens tolerate and it’s sad to see the same people not being able to use Vulgar to overthrow the president. If Vulgar is how you express yourselves, Then THE FIRST LADY needs that and leave this nice lady alone. I know even most men are chasing her now Kikiki after calling her whore. Crazy sad people and fifty mindset.

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    1. You make general statements and dangerously doing so. There are countries that admire Zimbabwean men as the perfect model of husbands and father’s. One gets married to a west African then she thinks zimboz must be like west Africans as well. There are also cultural issues in west Africa and dress codes for Ghanaian women which does accept nudity.
      When one decides to generalize things most of the time the person ends up lying.


    2. I totally agree with you. This is a crazy culture. No wonder most women are so miserable in their marriages, full of disease, abuse, adultery etc, but are we told to do, stick it out, after all he is a man, and supposed to live a sinful life. I agree that Maureen is also a victim of that culture of pleasing men


    3. It’s a pity that women always cry about equality equality all the time yet they stoop so low as to present themselves to men as mere sex tools to please the men folks. Where is the dignity of the woman when you walk into a place full of illicit sex seeking men with your vagina clearly visible for all to see.

      Come to think of it non of the men was that exposed. So why is it that it’s always only women who want to be naked or nearly naked. When God created the woman He placed the vagina in a hidden way such that if a woman were to stand there it would not conspicuously stand out as does our penis and machende which are all exterior to the body. Why is that? Because women were given more honored equipment than ours.

      Now you hear some people saying you need to apologize for what. For describing her as a woman who can’t honour herself. She must be rebuked in the strongest possible terms.


  4. I appreciate your views Jean that we have to learn to desist from using abusive language to those who see the world differently from us. However, I beg to differ with some of the things that you say. In as much as you see Ghanaian men to be cool, they would have been offended with such kind of dressing. It is people’s choice to wear whatever they want but remember that in African culture we say ” a person is a person because of people.” I don’t think there is any people in Africa that could have accepted such kind of self-expression, Ghana included. She did not deserve to be abused but I believe that she could do with a little bit of decency. Even if it was a man who had done that, I believe it still could have received an equal reaction. Women need to start respecting themselves for them to get the respect they deserve. Ask yourself, why was a woman dressed like that and not a man?Why did men attending that all white part leave their stuff hanging out of their pants? Can you imagine a world where people can walk around exposing their privacy in the name of self-expression? I don’t claim to be a saint but I think it is improper to condone such offensive behaviour, at least in our context as Africans. It could have been interesting to see how Ghanaian men who respect women could have reacted to this. But who are we to judge?

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  5. Abuse and nude dressing are wrong, lets start from there. Jean I think you have become judge and juror in these matters, you assign levels of tolerance/unacceptability as you wish and expect your readers to subsribe to your line of thinking. Verbal abuse and use of vulgar is wrong and so is posing half nude. If you think vulgar is 5/5 in unacceptability then you should also know that nude dressing is 5/5 unacceptable to someone else. Therefore you can not allow her to offend another simply basing on her freedom to apparel choice, the same will be said for the man/woman who chooses certain words to describe their disgust over the first offence.
    I am not defending anyone but let us see to it that we do not be the judges in a bid to stop others from judging.
    I have seen hate and vulgar comments on your previous blogs, I do not support that but life as it is now, you freely express yourself and they do like wise, you cant please them,some you actually hurt them in ways you can never imagine, rather try not to generalize your views maybe you will offend less people.
    You always compare Zimbabwe men to those from West Africa, nothing wrong with that you know a few from here and a few from there, your commentary should explicitly show your limited access to majority opinion, you get 20 insults from a possible 6million men and you automatically have an opinion on Zimbabwean men- thats offensive Jean, on the other hand you marry one Ghanaian and you are friends with his friends who are probably as nice as he is then you conclude there is no verbal abuse in Ghana and men there treat women better? I feel offended by such because your generalization has roped in many innocent people and by just that, you dont know the full extent of damage you have done to a group of people. If you understood Tswi, Ewe and other Ghana languages, you will be shocked by what you may find in their blogs.
    Your right to express yourself in any manner is yours as stated in the UN freedoms, but also expect the same freedoms to be exercised in expressing opinions of your initial expression.

    No to hate and profane speech
    No to indecent exposure

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      1. Jean I truly agree with you. If someone does not like to look at a nude picture, do yourself a favour, just don’t look!!! Finish!! I have since stopped reading comments on Nehanda or any other Zimbabwean sites. The level of ignorance is appalling!! The language they use its unbelieavable!! You are wasting your time trying to reason with these people. Do you think they will every change? Some of them even justify scolding Maureen using the bible. I don’t agree with the way she dressed, but that is none of my business how she dresses. I have more important things to deal with. Why should grown men and women create strife, stresses etc because of how someone is dressed. No wonder Zimbabwe is in such a mess. People are busy doing nothing!!! They even quote the bible when it suits them. Its easy to see how these people were raised. Charity begins at home.

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      2. It’s sad. I believe in saying the truth whether the truth falls on deaf ears or not. The bible says preach the word in season and out of season. I believe there is always power when a seed is planted.


  6. Europian standards are not God’s standards. Only demon possesed persons move around nude. Once the demon is cast out, the first thing that person does is to cover his/her nudity. Nudity in public is wrong and the lady was right by apologising.

    Equally wrong, is the hurling of abusive language at anyone. This also is done by people who are demon possesed and once the demon is cast out, the person come to their senses and apologises.

    Evil spirits do not have physical bodies hence they enter humans and make them do things which are against the word of God, in order to lead many astray. The only infallible standard is the word of God(not human culture). The fact that a whole nation chooses to accept immorality, does not make immorality right.

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  7. I come to your blog for comic relief because you display a level of stupidity that is uncommon. You claim to be sympathetic to this lady yet you are really out to expose her to the extent of going probably to her Facebook to get even more unrelated pictures for your story. You splash her name numerous times in your blog which increases the hits in a Web browser for her name further exposing her to the same abuse you claim to disagree with. In short, you spend time exploiting this womans misfortune (assuming she wasnt trying to be famous) for your own selfish gain. To have a sensational story you would stoop so low. You are really an amazing piece of nonsense. That you claim to be a christian and quote a lot of scripture out of place in your articles is a disgrace to the other Christians. You need to look at yourself in the mirror and recognise yourself for the hypocrite you are. Like I have said before, you are truly daft. Your opinions are stupid and your arguments not well thought out. Get well soon my sister, stupidity is a painful condition. Only problem is that like smey armpits, you are the one with the condition but all those around you suffer from your stench!


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